BraunAbility® Rear-Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Versatility and value are just two of the benefits that make a rear-entry wheelchair van an appealing choice for many families. From seating flexibility to headache-free parking, a rear-entry wheelchair van makes travel straightforward and easy, whether you’re headed around the corner or across the country. Here’s what you can expect from a rear-entry conversion van:

  • The partially lowered floor typically makes a rear-entry conversion less expensive
  • Additional seating options are available on some models to allows a caretaker to sit next to the wheelchair user
  • Depending on their size, two wheelchairs may be able to fit in some rear-entry vehicles
  • No additional parking space is needed next to the vehicle to deploy a ramp
  • The wheelchair user will not be able to sit in the front seat position
handicap vans with rear wheelchair access

Rear-Entry Wheelchair Vans from BraunAbility 

Chrsyler Pacifica Manual Rear Entry

Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Van 


No rear-entry wheelchair van offers a wider entryway and more interior space than the BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica. With an enhanced ramp securement system, passenger seat flexibility and plenty of room for even the largest power wheelchairs, this rear-entry wheelchair van is a safe and practical choice for all families. The Chrysler Pacifica rear-entry is only available with a manual ramp. 

Dodge Rear Entry handicap van

Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Van


The BraunAbility Rear-Entry Dodge Grand Caravan is perfect for a value-driven family looking for reliable and practical mobility transportation. It’s also available with either a manual or power ramp, giving caregivers the option for added ease-of-use and strain-free entries and exits. The BraunAbility Dodge Rear-Entry is available with either a manual ramp or a power ramp – the latter of which opens the hatch and deploys the ramp at the push of a button. 



Toyota Sienna Rear Entry Wheelchair Van

Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van


The BraunAbility Rear-Entry Sienna is a versatile and reliable mobility van that seamlessly blends the conversion with the original vehicle. An easy-grasp handle on the lightweight manual ramp makes deploying and stowing simple and painless. The BraunAbility Toyota Rear-Entry is available with either a manual ramp or a fully-integrated power ramp, allowing you to open the hatch and deploy the ramp with the push of a button.