Pre-Conversion Vehicle Inspection by BraunAbility

What is Included in a Vehicle Inspection?

When a pre-owned vehicle arrives at the BraunAbility manufacturing facility in Winamac, Indiana, that vehicle is scheduled to have a pre-conversion inspection, if it has under 25,000 miles. If it has less than 25,000 miles and an issue is found, those issues will be updated. What is included in a pre-conversion inspection? Our established inspection criteria meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), and any vehicle that fails to pass the initial inspection will be repaired before leaving the facility (this repair work will result in additional fees).

Pre-Conversion Inspection Areas Include:

  • Primary Controls – Steering, braking, acceleration, gear selector, mirrors.
  • Secondary Controls – Turn signals, windshield wipers, wiper fluid, horn, exterior lighting systems. 
  • Tires/Wheels – Same size wheels and tires, minimum 4/32” tread, no dry rot. 
  • Brakes – Minimum 3mm brake pad life, no pulsation, no broken or missing components.
  • Warning Lights – None can be illuminated. 
  • Doors/Hatch/Hood – All must close, latch and lock as designed and operate as designed (ex. power door function) 
  • Glass – No broken or missing windows/glass.
  • Lights – Headlights, taillights and turn signals must illuminate, and lenses must be free of cracks and fogging.
  • Body Condition – No rust penetration or significant body damage. 
  • Seat Belts – Must operate as designed. No cuts, holes, separating threads or damaged receptacle allowed.
BraunAbility employees inspect a rear-entry vehicle

BraunAbility Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Requirements 

The differences between a BraunAbility Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) and a used BraunAbility wheelchair van have less to do with the physical differences and more to do with the mileage and therefore the price difference. A wheelchair accessible vehicle must meet a strict set of guidelines to be accepted for a CPO title. Those that do not meet the requirements may be relegated to a used BraunAbility wheelchair van. For a used wheelchair van to become a BraunAbility Certified Pre-Owned (CPO), certain requirements must be met. 

The Nine Requirements for BraunAbility CPO Vehicles:

  1. Must be able to be reconditioned into a clean or extra clean state. 
  2. Can be no more than four years old and have no more than 36,000 miles at the time of retail sale.
  3. Can’t possess a branded title with any of the following terms:
    • Salvage
    • Rebuilt
    • Dismantle
    • Junk
    • Flood
    • Reconstructed
    • Mileage Unknown (unless provided documentation can verify)
    • Reconditioned
    • Water Damage
    • Lemon Law Repurchase
  4. Can’t have or indicate there may be or have been frame, unibody damage, or signs of structural repair.
  5. Must be inspected under the authority of factory-trained a BraunAbility MSE/ASE Certified Technician.
  6. All conditions noted in the inspection report that require replacement or repair should do so with BraunAbility parts and/or OEM Remanufactured or Quality Aftermarket Parts prior to resale.
  7. Must have a BraunAbility current manual and two sets of keys/remotes that function, wheel locks, and radio code cards.
  8. A qualified CPO must be displayed on dealer lots with a window sticker, buyers guide, license plate, and silver BraunAbility CPO insignia sticker. Vehicles may not be certified after-sale or sold as an add-on.
  9. Only BraunAbility vehicles can become a CPO – no other modifications will be approved. 

See our certified pre-owned wheelchair van inventory here.

Used BraunAbility Handicap Vans

Vehicles with a mileage range between 36,000 and 70,000 miles can also be converted into a used BraunAbility handicap van. These are higher-mileage vehicles compared to our CPO product, and cosmetic standards are evaluated on a
case-by-case basis. Missing knobs, panels, or handles are replaced or repaired. Major seating damage will also be repaired. Minor cosmetic imperfections of interior panels and seats will often not be repaired.

Used BraunAbility vehicles still pass through our 416-point inspection and must pass performance metrics in order to pass. Any areas that are in need of repair (outside of cosmetic perfection) will be addressed before they leave the manufacturing facility.

Our used BraunAbility vans retain a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on the BraunAbility conversion. See our used handicap van inventory here. 

BraunAbility Vehicle Inspection Comparison

Certified Pre-Owned candidate vehicles pass through an exhaustive 416-point inspection. For comparison, Carvana – the service that sells vehicles online-only uses a 150-point vehicle inspection. We know at BraunAbility, there is often no plan B when it comes to your accessible personal mobility, so we go the extra mile so you know you are taking home a vehicle you can depend on. Also, unlike Carvana who provides a warranty for the first 100 days you take it home, your BraunAbility limited warranty on a CPO vehicle covers a 7-year/100,000-mile conversion warranty, as well as the balance of the original 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on the chassis.

If a vehicle passes this strict inspection, it is included in our CPO program and is re-introduced to our local BraunAbility dealer inventory. In addition to being completely reconditioned and backed by the best warranty in the industry, you also receive 24/7 roadside assistance and access to our national network of mobility specialists