Quick and Easy Financing of Your Mobility Equipment

Once you’ve found the right mobility solution for you and your family, BraunAbility Finance is here to find a financing option that fits your budget window. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to buy, we’re here to help on every step of your mobility journey. 

Fast and Simple Financing for your Mobility Product1

1. Apply Online

Our secure online application is just a click away and can be completed at home or at the dealership. You will need to have ready the type of equipment you’d like purchase and its cost, as well as your Social Security number and basic personal information.

2. Approval in Two Minutes or Less!

Once your online application is submitted, BraunAbility Finance will work through a third party vendor to determine your financing options. You will receive an approval notification in two minutes or less2,    giving you the answers and confidence you need to make your purchase.

3. Sign Documents

You’ll have the option to submit all documents and signatures electronically – no need for an extra trip to the dealership. Simply submit and get on the road to mobility independence!

Think of it as a valet service for your wheelchair. When you get seated in your car, the Chair Topper will take care of your wheelchair for you. When you're ready to leave the car, the Chair topper will bring your wheelchair to you. In between it is safely stored in the weatherproof roof top box. It's a great solution for independent drivers as well as passengers.

Mobility Equipment Financing thru BraunAbility Financing FAQs

Can I Finance Just the Conversion and Not the Vehicle? 

Yes, BraunAbility Finance does have lending sources that will finance just the conversion equipment.

Can the Extra Adaptive Equipment I Need (Hand Controls, Power Assists, etc.) Be Included in My Loan?

Yes, the adaptive equipment can be added to the loan for your wheelchair accessible vehicle, or BraunAbility Finance can also separately finance any adaptive equipment for your vehicle.

BraunAbility Finance Is Here for You

With nearly 100 years of financing experience collectively, the BraunAbility Finance Team is the only dedicated financing service from a mobility manufacturer. We’re here to help with creative financing solutions to make your dream of mobility freedom a reality. When you’re ready, please feel free to email, chat online, or call us at (844) 498-9800.

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Have Questions for BraunAbility Finance? Call us at 1-844-498-9800 or complete the form below.

Have Questions for BraunAbility Finance? Call us at 1-844-498-9800 or complete the form below.

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Not applicable to titled wheelchair accessible vehicles

For mobility products under $10,000