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Answers to your important mobility rebate program quesitons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobility rebate program?


A mobility rebate program is a manufacturer initiative that offers financial incentives or discounts to individuals with mobility needs, helping them purchase adaptive equipment or accessible vehicles.

Who is eligible for mobility rebate programs?


Eligibility criteria vary by program and location. Generally, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and veterans may qualify. Specific requirements often depend on factors such as income, disability type, and the type of adaptive equipment needed.

What types of products or modifications are covered by mobility rebates?


Mobility rebates can cover a wide range of products, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, vehicle modifications (such as wheelchair lifts and ramps), adaptive driving equipment, and adaptive seating like the BraunAbility Turny seating swivel seat solutions.

How do I apply for a mobility rebate?


Application procedures differ based on the program and your location. Typically, you need to provide proof of disability, medical documentation, and details about the adaptive equipment or vehicle modifications you require. Contact the specific program or your local BraunAbility dealer for application guidance.

Can I use a mobility rebate for purchasing a used vehicle or adaptive equipment?


Most programs do not allow the use of rebates for purchasing used vehicles or equipment. Check the terms and conditions of the specific program you're applying to for accurate information.

Are there mobility rebate programs for veterans?


Yes, there are often specific mobility rebate programs tailored for veterans with disabilities. These programs may offer additional benefits and support to help veterans regain their mobility and independence.

How long does the application process take?


The processing time varies depending on the program and the completeness of your application. It's advisable to work with an authorized BraunAbility dealer to ensure that your application is submitted properly.

Can I combine mobility rebates with other discounts or financing options?


In some cases, mobility rebates can be combined with other discounts or financing options, but this varies. It's best to check with the program provider or your BraunAbility dealer for specific details on combining incentives

Are mobility rebate programs available internationally?


Yes, many countries have their own mobility rebate programs. However, the availability, eligibility criteria, and offerings vary widely from one country to another. It's essential to research the programs available in your specific location.

Where can I find more information about mobility rebate programs in my area?


You can find more information about mobility rebate programs by visiting the official websites of government agencies, disability organizations, and reputable BraunAbility dealers in your area. They can provide detailed guidance on available programs and how to apply.