Your Tomorrow is a Result of Your Today!

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Each year thousands of people visit the White House. They are able to go through certain rooms that are open to the public. It is a popular tour for students. Teachers hope it will do much more than satisfy their curiosity. Hopefully, it will light within their heart the fires of ambition and patriotism.

After one teacher had taken her high school students on this tour, she later asked them to write their impression of the visit. Many interesting replies were given, but the one that most affected the teacher stated, "I was glad to get a chance to get to visit my future home."

Not every child has the ambition to become president. However, every person can soarhigh (regardless of ability) when ambition gives him or her eagle's wings.

One of the most expressive prayers of ambition and living life to the fullest was penned by the famous Henry David Thoreau:

"Great God, I ask Thee for no meaner pelf

Than that I may not disappoint myself,

That in my action I may soar as high

As I now can discern with this clear eye."

There are two reasons why there is room at the top. First, so few get there. Secondly, of those who do, some of them go to sleep and fall off.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "A day is a miniature eternity".

Today is a whole world within itself. It can make a world of difference in the life each of us has been given.

Today is a whole world within itself. It can make a world of difference in the life each of us has been given.

In just 24 hours, one can plot a course that will shape one's life and destiny. In those 1440 minutes, there are opportunities to be used, challenges to accept, internal peace to quiet nerves, joy to give, vision to look ahead, time to make amends, and will power to make dreams come true.

Live life in the present tense. Not in yesterday. Not in tomorrow. After all, your tomorrow will only be the result of your today.

So, how to live life to the fullest?

1. Never take anything for granted. Savor every bite of a meal, enjoy what you have, and live each day as if it is your first day of your life.

2. Do not let the child inside you disappear or die. Keep your curiosity alive by being inquisitive and open-minded. No one ever regretted on his or her death bed what they did; they definitely regretted what they did not do.

3. Change a little every day. That way you will never get stuck or bored. See what is happening around you, and rather than feeling threatened or getting suspicious, embrace change. Ask what change you need to make and do it little by little. Whether it means learning how to send text messages from your cell phone or cleaning out the clutter in your life, adapt yourself. You will never get old that way.

The possibilities of life are in the present tense. Carpe diem! Live life NOW, and live it to the fullest.

Whether you know it or not, you make a difference each and every day. So, explore your And remember, no effort, no results; little effort, little results; big effort, big results. That's how simple it is! Do not live life half-heartedly. On the contrary, live life whole-heartedly. Allow your eternal flame to shine. You cannot kindle a fire in others unless it is burning within you. Let your light shine so that others will see it burning brightly and live life to the fullest!

Enthusiasm is an incredible way to empower yourself and others. Speaking of enthusiasm, I'm enthusiastic about having theBraunAbility blog as an outlet to share my thoughts on the power of enthusiasm and ambition. If any of you were in need of a pick-me-up today, I hope this helped!