Recycling Mobility

wheelchair recycling

Earth Day 2014 is here and the world is abuzz with ideas how to keep the world greener for generations to come. I'm here to to throw out an idea that you probably won't here anywhere else: recycling mobility. Now what exactly do I mean by this? Allow me to explain with a real-world example or two.

About nine years ago, a close family friend was injured on the job. He was a lime spreader and spent his days operating large machinery in farm fields and rock quarries. His job was very strenuous, and one day an accident injured his back. He had surgery and was thankfully not severely harmed. He was left wheelchair-bound for three months during the recovery time. I remember how his family built ramps across the house for him.

He made a full recovery as planned and had his wheelchair left. The family contacted hospitals and the VA and made the wheelchair a donation to a VA hospital nearby. That same chair was given to a patient free of charge as a gift.wheelchair_recycling

That is what I mean by recycling mobility. Sure, he could have received a wheelchair some other way, but this is much more true to the spirit of Earth Day and ability. It kept a wheelchair out of a landfill, which is good and green, but it more aligns with the hidden spirit of Earth Day: it took care of the resources available for someone else. A precious thing was saved so others could have it.

Nova Scotia has a wheelchair recycling program that works similarly to this. It exists to make sure any child who needs a wheelchair will have one that is the right size for him.

Here at BraunAbility, we hear and see many awesome stories pertaining to all things mobility, and a few mirror this situation. People donating wheelchairs and even up to mobility vehicles themselves! To check out a few such stories, follow these links to other blog posts on the site with the scoop:

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Saving the earth is an important thing to do and we all need to pitch in, but what other resources can you save and recycle for the future? Mobility is one, but maybe you have something else too. Every little bit goes to help make a more green future in the lives of everyone.