The Importance of Honoring Parkinson's Awareness Month

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease? Whether you answer 'yes' or 'no', the month of April is an important time to honor those that have. 

Each year, 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's and there are 10 million people worldwide battling the disease. The disease impacts millions more, as friends and family members live through it during their loved one's battle. Read on to learn about the importance of honoring Parkinson's Awareness Month!

Understanding Parkinson's Disease 

It's important to understand what Parkinson's Disease is and how it impacts someone's life. Parkinson's Disease is a neurological disorder that impacts the central nervous system.

The changes to your body often cause tremors, stiffness, slow movement, and loss of balance. Over time, Parkinson's can take a mental and physical toll on friends and family. 

The Physical, Mental, and Financial Costs of Parkinson's Disease

There isn't a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Living with Parkinson's comes at a high physical, mental and financial cost. For someone that was full-functioning before Parkinson's, life after diagnosis is a challenge. It can also be mentally taxing on the caregiver or other loved one assisting that person. 

Those suffering from the disease often live 10 to 20 years after a diagnosis. During that time, a person may spend $2,500 each year on medications. They can also undergo surgeries at costs upwards of $100,000. 

Increasing Prevalence of the Disease

There are many studies to try to find Parkinson's cures but there still aren't any as of now. One of the most challenging things about this disease is that it is expected to become more prevalent in the not-too-distant future.

There are currently more than 930,000 Americans living with Parkinson's but that number will increase to 1.2 million by 2030. The sheer volume of people with this disease now and in the future makes it all the more important to understand it and honor those suffering from the disease.

Honor Parkinson's Awareness Month

How can you honor Parkinson's Awareness Month in your home or office? Some of the ways to do this are by attending an event put on by a local Parkinson's support or fundraising group in your area.

In April, there are hundreds of events put on throughout the country for Parkinson's awareness. If you can't make it to an event, consider speaking to your family or group of close friends about this disease and why it's so important to learn about it. 

Speaking to others about the disease can help shed some light on one that's not always understood. This can also lead to those people having talks with loved ones about the disease. 

Raising Parkinson's awareness in April and during the year can help people better understand it. They can also unite to find a cure for this debilitating disease. 

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