BraunAbility at Abilties Expo

Come see BraunAbility at an Abilities Expo near you!

Abilities Expo events are about bringing accessible products and services together under one roof for the community of people with disabilities, their families, caregivers, aging seniors, and healthcare professionals. These free events feature the perfect wheelchair for sale, the wheelchair van to fit your lifestyle, plus the latest classes, products, and services that lead to an easier and more enriching life.

See BraunAbility at an Abilities Expo Event!

When you visit the BraunAbility booth at an Abilities Expo, you'll be met by a BraunAbility team member or a BraunAbility dealer. Have questions? Great! Let's have a discussion about what you are looking for in an accessible vehicle or other vehicle mobility product and try some out on the booth floor. You can experience first-hand how to enter and exit the vehicle as well as practice maneuvering inside. Together, we can see what is working well or not about the vehicle you are trying, discuss optional features, and really get an understanding of how a BraunAbility vehicle could best meet your day-to-day needs. From there, you can meet your local mobility consultants, find several local dealership locations, and go home with some fun free items the whole family can enjoy.

Whether you are new to the world of accessible vehicles and just want to see inside or you are looking to talk innovative design and to take one home, the BraunAbility booth at Abilities Expos is the perfect opportunity to see our products up close. 

Upcoming Abilities Expos

Oct 11 - 13
Abilities Expo - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Meet a BraunAbility team member to have your question answered.
Nov 28 - 30
Abilities Expo - Dallas, TX
Meet a BraunAbility team member to have your question answered.