Colony High School

Brian Bravo was a senior at The Colony High School in Dallas, Texas, when the school’s boys’ basketball coach helped to establish the Brian Bravo Trust Fund. The team had taken Brian into their family, with Brian serving as the team’s honorary assistant coach. It was a position he took seriously; he never missed a game or practice.

Brian was the lone survivor of a tragic car accident that killed his mother, uncle, and sister and left him with serious brain damage and paralysis. The school started Bravo4Brian fundraising efforts to help Brian and his father afford a better method of mobility than the family sedan. They raised over $30,000 for the trust fund in less than six months.

“The van, the extra monetary support, the rallying around a family who needed it — none of that would have happened without the first person saying, ‘Maybe we could do something…,’” said Greg Kiser of BraunAbility. “Ralph Braun, our founder, lived that same spirit when he built the first motorized scooter and first wheelchair lift. He built an industry and proved just one person can make a difference, and we celebrate people who do the same.”

The Colony High School became the first recipient of the Ralph W. Braun Spirit of Ability Award for their generosity and willingness to help their fellow classmate.