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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Ralph Braun’s early life helped build the mobility industry as we know it today. It all started with what doctors announced was a fatal form of muscular dystrophy at the young age of six. His parents instilled in him the drive to overcome the physical challenges his disability presented him. When he could no longer rely on his own two legs and he’d outgrown piggyback rides from his dad, he began using a wheelchair.
In time, Ralph and his family would realize doctors were wrong – his diagnosis wasn’t fatal, but it was lifelong. Ralph became determined to reclaim independence and eventually designed the world’s first powered scooter to keep his job as a quality control inspector at a nearby factory. When his job moved further away, Ralph moved with it – this time in a renovated postal Jeep with hand controls and a hydraulic lift.
When others took notice of what he was doing, the phone started ringing off the hook to place their own orders. Knowing the difference his products made in his own life, Ralph dedicated his life and his savings to creating what is now BraunAbility – the global leader in mobility products.

BraunAbility Timeline

When a manual wheelchair clearly wasn’t meeting his needs, Ralph Braun turned to towns across Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois to find the parts he would need to build the world’s first motorized wheelchair. After it’s completion, it was a matter of years before a company formed and transformed the mobility industry to change the lives of thousands.


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The BraunAbility Dealer Network

Thanks to our nationwide dealer network, wherever you live or travel, BraunAbility is there, too. Our dealers are mobility experts, providing in-depth, free mobility consultations to guarantee you have the right mobility solution for your needs.

Our dealers also provide 24/7 service support, whether you’re in need of regular maintenance or emergency assistance.

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The Wallenberg’s business philosophy is to build high-performing, high-growth companies over the long-term through active and engaged participation at the board of directors’ level. They pursue sustainable value creation by providing the resources and tools each company in their portfolio needs to reach its full potential. BraunAbility is a part of Investor’s Patricia Industries Division, which includes a growing family of non-publicly traded companies including Permobil, the innovative leader in power and manual wheelchairs, as well as Mölnlycke Health Care, the world’s premier supplier of surgical and wound care products.

BraunAbility Certifications

BraunAbility has an ISO 14001:2015 certification requiring environmental management systems that enhance our overall environmental performance as well as a ISO 9001:2015 certification stating BraunAbility meets the requirements of a quality management system. BraunAbility is IATF 16949:2016 certified for the UVL 855 lift product. In addition to these certifications, BraunAbility is annually audited and certified by Ford – Qualified Vehicle Modifier, Toyota – Gold Rating, and Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) – Q PRO approved. BraunAbility is also proudly certified by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), passing all federal safety guidelines.

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