BraunAbility's Dedication to Sustainability

The BraunAbility Environmental Health and Sustainability Policy was developed and upheld with the belief that our business should and would conduct business in a manner that protects employee safety, occupational health, the general public and our environment. With this frame of mind, we further went on to explain that BraunAbility would strive to eliminate all injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental incidents.

Additionally, BraunAbility would:

  • Maintain a commitment to comply with environmental health safety laws and regulations
  • Maintain our commitment to the prevention of pollution through the minimization of emissions and waste
  • Implement the efficient utilization of natural resources.  

Environmental Health and Sustainability Policy Statement

BraunAbility accepts the responsibility to protect the environment, health and safety of our employees, their families, and our community. Environmental, Health and Safety performance are core values of the company and will be managed as an integral part of our business. The organization is responsible for ensuring continual measurable improvements in the environmental, health and safety management systems related to our products, processes, and services. Each employee has responsibility for actively supporting these efforts.

BraunAbility's Dedication to Sustainability

BraunAbility Sustainability Improvements, 2018


Recycling Program

Not only does BraunAbility participate in a company-wide office recycling program, but we also look for ways to recycle the materials in our manufacturing facility. Each shipment that comes in is used and the cardboard box is broken down and recycled. All aluminum cans are sent to a local steel plant, and all scrap metal is melted down to be reused.

environmental sustainability

Sustainable Purchasing

BraunAbility is proud to source local suppliers for many needed components and services to reduce our carbon footprint. We also work with our suppliers to reduce packaging waste, many of whom now offer returnable and recyclable materials and containers. BraunAbility not only responsibly disposes of any chemicals needed for our business, but also actively searches for more environmentally friendly products. 


environmental sustainability

Trash Oven

Alvin is a mobile waste processing plant that bakes trash. This process produces a type of syn-gas that is also burned to remove any volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. With Alvin working as a trial in 2018, BraunAbility realized it wasn’t large enough to handle our needed volume. By custom producing a new, larger unit, BraunAbility has the potential to become completely landfill-free.

environmental sustainability

Plant Floor Lighting

Lights on the manufacturing floor were replaced from the standard florescent lighting to automatic motion sensing lights to conserve electricity.

environmental sustainability

Pulse Welding

Pulse welding is a form of welding in which the welding current is pulsed between a higher and lower frequency. These pulses not only lead to better material control, but it also cuts down on overall current needed.

environmental sustainability

Leak Sealing and Insulation

A thermal scan was done on the BraunAbility manufacturing facility and offices to determine where heat was escaping the building. Though this process, faulty areas were addressed with leak sealing and in some cases additional insulation was installed.  

environmental sustainability

New Overhead Doors

New high-speed overhead doors in the plant keeps less warm air from escaping when vehicles are moved in and out of the facility, keeping energy costs down.

environmental sustainability