How to Plan the Best Accessible Road Trip

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Did you know that 22 percent of family getaways in 2019 were road trips? This number is expected to rise as the travel type becomes more popular. If you’re looking to plan a road trip and need accessibility tips, keep reading.

Plenty of research, planning, and looking into wheelchair van rentals are great steps in mapping out your road trip. 

Research Destinations Ahead of TimeMany tourist destinations have planning and accessibility information on their websites. The National Park Service has accessibility information for wheelchair access, service animals, audio/visual assistance, and other accommodations for visitors.

Google Maps also gives information about what accommodations are available at selected destinations. You can even bookmark these places for offline reference if you’re in a place with no cellphone service.

Consider calling ahead to hotels, parks, museums, attractions, and so on. Ask about their accommodations for people with disabilities. Are the buildings wheelchair accessible? Is adequate parking available?

These are all important questions to keep in mind when adding points of interest to your road trip itinerary. 

Look Into Wheelchair Van Rentals

Wheelchair accessible vans are available with a large variety of modifications for people with disabilities. Our accessible vans feature side or rear entry, in-floor and fold-out raps, and ample space for manual or power chair users. Everyone's needs are different; use this quiz to determine what kind of handicap accessible vans are right for you. 

Add Extra Time to Your Itinerary

It’s not possible to predict how long it will take to get ready each morning, enter and exit your van, and just how accessible the place you visit is. Adding extra time to your itinerary helps cut down on stress and eliminates the feeling of being rushed. 

Pack Extra Supplies

If you plan to be gone for a while or will be far from home, plan for the unexpected. Bring tools for wheelchair repair and know where you could get it fixed, need be. Have extra medications and medical supplies. 

Download Special Apps

If you have dietary restrictions, use a special app like Find Me Gluten Free. This app will highlight restaurants, drive-thrus, bars, coffee houses, grocery stores, and other eateries that have options for gluten intolerant people all over the map. 

AllergyEats allows you to search for places free of major allergens or able to accommodate restrictions. You can even read thousands of reviews by others to see how well the restaurants were able to cater to their dietarily-restricted guests. 

Bathrooms are another commodity that should be looked for ahead of time. Use apps like Toilet Finder and Sit or Squat to find disability accessible or family/gender-neutral stalls. 

Consult a Travel Agent that Specializes In Accessible Trips

Travel agents who specialize in planning trips for people with disabilities have information for you. They know about the best destinations, places to stay, and the available accommodations. They will help you prioritize safety as well as fun. 

Start Planning Your Accessible Road Trip Today 

As you can see, you have a wealth of options when it comes to planning your accessible road trip. One of the most important tips on this list is looking into wheelchair accessible vans. Our wheelchair van rentals are affordable, reliable, and perfect for your trip.

You can find a BraunAbility accessible vehicle dealer near you to find the right handicap van rental for you.

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