Car Top Wheelchair Carrier

Convenient Car Top Wheelchair Carrier ​

Practical convenience. Blended style.

Think of this as valet service for your wheelchair! This convenient car top wheelchair carrier is ideal for independent drivers who can transfer into a vehicle but would prefer their wheelchair not take up precious seating or storage space.


How Does the Chair Topper Car Top Wheelchair Carrier Work?

Once you’ve transferred into your car, the BraunAbility Chair Topper wheelchair carrier for car conveniently lifts and stores your wheelchair in the weatherproof rooftop compartment. And when you’re ready to exit, your wheelchair is retrieved and brought back to ground level at the push of a button! A convenient handheld control operates the folding, lifting and storing of your wheelchair. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the cycle, and your wheelchair (and you!) will be saved from the wear and tear of constant transfers.


Chair Topper Product Features

  • Convenient option for anyone who uses a foldable, manual wheelchair and can transfer themselves into a vehicle
  • Accommodates standard folding wheelchairs weight up to 44 lbs.
  • Molded plastic cover completely seals wheelchair from outside elements
  • Store your wheelchair without sacrificing passenger or cargo space
  • Able to operate in tight parking situations
  • Chair hooks within easy reach of the driver
  • Cabin and cargo space is preserved
  • Since the wheelchair never enters the cabin, your vehicle’s interior is kept clean of debris
Car Top Wheelchair Carrier

Car Top Wheelchair Carrier Product Details

Available as a driver configuration only

Lifting capacity – 44 lbs.

Unit weight – 123 lbs.

Molded plastic shell with aluminum frame

Adds approximately 21.5” in height to a vehicle

Integrated manual back-up system


Chair Topper Availability and Usage

The BraunAbility Chair Topper wheelchair carrier is a universal mounting system that fits most automobiles and light trucks; see your BraunAbility dealer for details.

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