Save Our Spots with Zach Anner

Car parked in access aisle which is blocking access to the handicap van

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According to a recent survey of BraunAbility owners, 89% of wheelchair users feel excluded from events or places they want to go in their everyday lives. Specifically, having access to park, enter, exit and navigate a building or event space is keeping many of those with mobility challenges and their caregivers from enjoying the freedoms they deserve.

  • Nearly 2/3 avoided going somewhere because they were unsure if it was accessible.
  • 52% did not go somewhere because they couldn’t find accessible parking.

Because this issue is so important, we enlisted the help of  comedian and writer Zach Anner to help raise awareness. The PSA he created certainly did just that, climbing to the #6 trending video on YouTube the night it went live. Watch below and share on your social channels!

Become Part of the Solution!


Much of the problem surrounding handicap parking misuse is due to a lack of education on the issue. Share this flyer explaining the differences between different accessible parking spaces and why they are so important. We encourage you to share on social media as well as around your local community. More awareness will lead to more understanding and respect for handicap parking spaces.

Mind the Lines – Handicap Van Parking Do’s and Don’ts


We like to think most people who misuse handicap parking spaces do so because they don’t realize how important it is to leave space for a side-entry ramp to deploy. This short video explains exactly why space is so important. Please watch and then SHARE on your social media channels! The more educated the public is, the sooner we can put an end to handicap van parking abuse.

Save Our Spots Download Flyer





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