Help Educate Others About Handicap Parking Rules

Did you know that 75% of able-bodied individuals said if a car parked too close to them, they’d simply climb through a window or opposite door to get in? Sounds like an obvious solution, but not for a wheelchair user! BraunAbility’s Save My Spot campaign is on a mission to educate the public about why it’s so important to leave space for a wheelchair ramp, even if you’re legally allowed to park in a handicap space. Read below to see how you can support the campaign and take action.

Pick Up Your Free Save My Spot Kit!

BraunAbility is partnering with our dealers across the United States and Canada to give away free Save My Spot kits! The kits include a window sticker requesting extra space for ramp deployment, friendly parking “tickets” to share if someone misuses a handicap parking space, and a BraunAbility key-chain. A downloadable version of the parking ticket is available – just click the button below.

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Accessible Parking 101: Download and Share

Much of the problem surrounding handicap parking misuse is due to a lack of education on the issue. Become part of the solution! Share this flyer explaining the differences between different accessible parking spaces and why they are so important. We encourage you to share on social media, as well as around your local community. More awareness will lead to more understanding and respect of handicap parking spaces.

Download Infographic

Mind the Lines – Handicap Van Parking Do’s and Don’ts

We like to think most people who misuse handicap parking spaces do so because they don’t realize how important it is to leave space for a side-entry ramp to deploy. This short video explains exactly why that space is so important. Please watch and then SHARE on your social media channels! The more educated the public is, the sooner we can put an end to handicap van parking abuse.

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