Under Vehicle Lift: Wheelchair Lift for Van Features

Wheelchair lift for van

BraunAbility offers many lift options, including the UVL Series (Under Vehicle Lift). This BraunAbility lift is designed for full-size vans. The UVL BraunAbility lift mounts on the outside underneath the vehicle. This provides a completely unobstructed doorway with a full window view and greater interior space. It is ideal for active families who need free doorway access and lots of room inside.

The UVL is hidden from view and out of the way until needed. By activating the handheld control, the lift glides forward from its weather tight enclosure and gently lowers to the ground. This handheld control comes standard and regulates all van wheelchair lift functions. For greater convenience, an optional remote control system is available. The automatic roll stop is electrically actuated and the wheelchair user rolls onto the sturdy platform.

To ensure passenger safety, the BraunAbility lift will not raise from the ground until the roll stop is fully engaged in the “up” position. When the passenger is safely inside the vehicle, the BraunAbility lift lowers and is stowed back in its enclosure.

As with all BraunAbility lifts, the UVL is built to meet stringent specifications and safety standards. And, for further peace of mind, every UVL is backed by BraunAbility’s Three-Year Worry-Free Limited Warranty.

  • VA accepted & NHTSA Compliant
  • Mounts underneath the vehicle, leaving the doorway completely unobstructed
  • Aluminum housing is fully enclosed to be weathertight
  • Automatic roll stop engages before platform leaves ground
  • Slip-resistant platform
  • Designed to be used with automatic door operators
  • Hand-held four-button pendant control operates all lift and door functions
  • Diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting
  • Integrated manual backup system

UVL Series Models

  • General Function: Elector-hydraulic, power up/gravity down operation, power in/out
  • Control: handheld control box, and optional remote
  • Hydraulic: Pressure Max. 3,249 psi, Fluid is Univis HVI 26, oil reservoir is .25 gal
  • Construction: Aluminum Housing with Steel inner structure with powder coat finish
  • Operating temperature: -7°C to 65°C
  • Power Supply 12VDC
  • Current Consumption: Max. 120A (12V)

Other BraunAbility Lift Options:

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