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Swing-A-Way™ Series

Swing-A-Way Lift Wheelchair LiftThe Swing-A-Way Lift's unique design allows you to board parallel to the van. Wheelchair and scooter users are well aware of the challenges that tight parking spaces can create. Our Swing-A-Way Lift was designed to eliminate concerns over the ability to enter or exit your vehicle in these situations.

The unique design makes it possible to only need as much space as your front door will need when it is fully opened. The side-mount platform minimizes the need for extra space by allowing you to board parallel to the van. Plus, the low ramp angle makes boarding easy.

Once the lift reaches floor level, the single-post design allows the platform to swing into the vehicle, where it stores flat on the vehicle floor. This horizontal storage provides an unobstructed view out the side windows for the driver. The handrail also folds down, leaving the side door open for easy access for friends and family that may be traveling with you.


Lift Features:

Swing-A-Way Lift wheelchair lift platform


The Swing-A-Way Series unique expanding platform extends as the wheelchair enters the platform and retracts when the wheelchair exits. The standard paltform size is 74 cm wide by 92 cm long. The extended platform model for scooters is 66 cm wide by 117 cm long.