BraunAbility® NV200 Wheelchair Taxi

Making Your Wheelchair Transportation Services Fleet More Efficient

Mobility partnership delivers increased accessibility for New York City and Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

Taxi of Tomorrow, the NV2001 wheelchair accessible taxi,   is a dream made real by the collaboration between Nissan and BraunAbility. It was designed from the inside out, using input from New York taxi drivers, medallion holders, fleets and passengers. Powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, the Nissan NV200 was designed to reduce carbon emissions and enhance fuel efficiency across the entire taxi fleet. While the last accessible NV200 was delivered in 2019, the increased accessible fleet will serve the New York City disabled community for several years.

As the leader in commercial wheelchair vans, BraunAbility provided the expertise and experience in joint product development. Powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, the Nissan NV200 is designed to reduce carbon emissions and enhance fuel efficiency across the entire taxi fleet as old models are replaced.  It has also substantially increased the number of accessible taxis in the city.

This wheelchair accessible taxi isn’t just accessible for wheelchair users —all wheelchair taxis come pre-fitted with a device that transmits sound directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant. And the seatbelts and other key features of the cab have yellow markers to make them high-contrast and easier to see for those with visual impairments

The NV200’s rear-entry design features a The NV200 wheelchair accessible taxi is also equipped with an intercom that allows the driver to speak to the passengers. It can also allow the driver to hear what is going on in the backseat, so if they need to give the driver directions or ask to turn up the heat, it’s on earlier models and the revolutionary Simple Stow design ramp on later models that deploys to accommodate one wheelchair user. The ramp stows flat to allow plenty of luggage room in the rear of the vehicle when the ramp is not in use. One of the NV200 wheelchair taxi's unique features is that the front tie-downs actually integrate into the vehicle floor and release from inside the vehicle to the edge of the ramp, meeting up with a safe connection to the wheelchair. Keeping the belts out of the elements and never lost, but ready for securement with ease of use for the driver.

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The wheelchair ramp is 30 inches wide, with features Include: ramp angle of 8.6 degrees, which far exceeds ADA regulations. It also has a load rating of 1000 pounds, 400 pounds above the ADA minimum.

Even though the accessible NV200 wheelchair taxi is no longer in production, BraunAbility continues to provide technical support for its customers.  These units are running day and night. It’s important the BraunAbility support is there to keep the units on the road and providing accessible transportation.

  • 58-3/4" door opening height
  • 31" wide floor
  • 30" wide ramp
  • Fold-flat ramp
  • FMVSS compliant
  • ADA ramp lighting
  • Integrated restraint system
  • Side-impact airbags

The Braun Corporation can export pre-owned Dodge/Chrysler Entervans. These pre-owned vehicles have between 15,000 and 50,000 km. However, the Braun conversions will be new. All vehicles will be of US specifications, non-US spec vans will not be accepted. It is dependent upon the purchaser to verify their country's import and registration requirements. The vehicle will be sold as-is with no OEM warranty. The Braun conversion will carry the standard three-year limited warranty when maintained by a Braun recognized dealer. The Braun Corporation makes no guarantee of ability to import said converted vehicles. All vehicles will be sold on an FOB (any US Sea Port).