Wheelchair Vehicle Seating

United Access offers a variety of wheelchair van transfer seating solutions by our trusted mobility manufacturers. If you are new to the world of adaptable solutions and mobility products, give us a call and we will help you find the right transfer seat for your handicap vehicle.

Braunability B&D Transfer Seat

The BraunAbility B&D Transfer Seat utilizes the original vehicle driver or front passenger seat to give you 180-degree turning power, making transfers in your lowered-floor wheelchair accessible vehicle or full-size van easier.

Adapt Solutions LINK

The LINK allows you to have your vehicle, your way. It installs without any structural modification, offering amazing legroom and comfort, it is the LINK between you and your vehicle. 

Braunability Turny Evo

Getting in and out of a wheelchair van is easier than ever with BraunAbility Turny® Evo Seat. Let a turning transfer seat do the work for you. Push a button, and the BraunAbility Turny® Evo Seat will rotate, extend outside the handicap vehicle and lower to a comfortable height. 

Veigel Mobility Transfer Board

The Veigel transfer board bridges the gap between the wheelchair and the seat, greatly easing the transfer into and out of your wheelchair van. 




Will I be able to use my original vehicle seat? 

Yes, we have options available that allow you to retain your existing seat.

What vehicles are the Turny Evo compatible with?

The Turny Evo is compatible with a with many makes/models. Visit the BraunAbility site for the full list of compatible vehicles.