Vehicle Transfer Seats

Looking for reliable, safe mobility solutions? At United Access, we help people with limited mobility get in and out of their vehicles by offering transfer seat solutions by trusted mobility manufacturers. These solutions can fit a range of vehicles, budgets, and needs.

Talk to our Mobility Specialists to discuss which options are right for you.

What to consider when buying a vehicle transfer seat?

  • Weight capacity
  • Rider position
  • Vehicle type
  • Transfer capability


A Vehicle Transfer Seat for Every Need

For anyone who struggles to get in and out of the car, swivel seats offer safe and discreet access into vehicles without climbing into the cabin.

For a little help getting in and out of low vehicles, transfer boards bridge the gap between the exterior and the driver’s or passenger’s seat.

For Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle owners who wish to ride in the original automotive seat, this seat base makes transfers in and out of a wheelchair seamless.



Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Transfer Seats

A mobility seat, also called a vehicle transfer seat, assistive/handicap seat, or swivel seat, is a device that helps people with limited mobility transfer in and out of cars and vehicles. There are several types of mobility seats. Some help people in wheelchairs to transfer into the driver’s seat from the interior of a handicap vehicle with a ramp. Some rotate a vehicle seat to the exterior of the vehicle for easier transfers in and out. Contact your local dealer to learn more about available options.

Yes! We finance seating, service, and vehicles. Contact the location near you for more information.

When transferring a person in a wheelchair to a vehicle, it’s critical for the caregiver to perform ergonomic lifts that will avoid back injuries. The best technique for you will depend on the wheelchair user’s unique needs, the vehicle, and what wheelchair to car transfer devices you have. Your occupational therapist can advise on the best lifting techniques for your situation. Several devices may make the process easier for the patient and the caregiver, including turning transfer seats and turning transfer seats and transfer boards. Your local dealer can perform a free needs analysis to see which of these products would be right for you. 

To better understand if Medicare or state or local government funding sources will cover the cost of a transfer seat, contact your local dealer.