Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts

United Access offers a variety of high-quality wheelchair lifts and handicap scooter lifts by our trusted mobility manufacturers. We understand that you have places to go and can help keep you mobile by installing a lift on your vehicle so you can transport your scooter or wheelchair while it’s fully assembled. Contact us today we will help you find the right wheelchair or scooter lift for your vehicle. 

What to Consider When Buying a Wheelchair Lift

Several aspects need to be considered when choosing the right mobility device, such as:

  •  Weight capacity 

  •  Lifting capacity

  •  Hoistway available 

  • Type of wheelchair ramp required

  • ADA compliance 

What Type of Lift is Right for You? 

A wheelchair carrier or scooter lift is a platform that is installed on the outside of your vehicles. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that it doesn’t take up any space inside your vehicle.  

A wheelchair carrier or scooter lift rides on the inside of your vehicles. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that you can drive your scooter or wheelchair onto the platform and then let the lift do all the work to move it inside your vehicle. Another benefit is that your device is kept out of the weather.  

A wheelchair carrier or scooter platform lift is designed to be installed onto a full-sized van, RV, or camper. Choose from side or rear-entry options that come with full and partial hydraulic operation, plus optional remote controls for greater convenience.

The Milford Person Lift is a lightweight and versatile solution for individuals who have difficulty using a swivel seat or transfer board. It offers different sling types and sizes for easy and comfortable transfers from a wheelchair to a vehicle seat. The lift can be fitted into various vehicles, eliminating the need for a new vehicle purchase or switch. 

With the help of a home accessibility solution, you can regain independence at home. If you're looking for a lift to navigate the levels in your home or a ramp for a scooter or wheelchair, our trusted mobility manufacturers have a solution that can make moving around your home easy and comfortable. Select United Access locations offer our home accessibility products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

The swing away option is a great feature if you have an SUV or a truck because it allows you to still have access to the back of your vehicle. 

Yes, hitch mount wheelchair and scooter lifts are available.

The costs vary depending on the type of lift you select, the vehicle you have and installation time, and options you may want on the lift.   We also need to determine if your vehicle needs a hitch for the lift if you are considering an exterior mounted scooter lift.  

The best scooter lift for you, may not be the best lift for someone else. There are a few factors that go into our recommendations for a lift; what type of mobility device (scooter or wheelchair) do you have, what is the year/make/model of your vehicle and lastly what is your lifestyle. All these questions will help guide us to the best recommendations for you.

Yes, we have several options for wheelchair and scooter lifts for pickup trucks. These options are bed-mounted and help lift the equipment into the bed and secure it through travel. 

The amount of space the wheelchair or scooter lift takes up depend on the lift and wheelchair being stowed. Most interior lifts are designed to fold out of the way when not in use to give you optimal visibility and interior storage.

The biggest consideration when looking at lifts that will stow inside your vehicle vs. outside your vehicle is the weather and where you live. For example, in Arizona with temperatures that get to 115 degrees in the summer, your scooter may get very hot to the touch. On the other extreme, in Buffalo, NY with temperatures below freezing and lots of snow, you want to ensure your scooter is protected.

Unfortunately, not. While Medicare covers a lot of equipment to use in your home, they do not cover scooter lifts for your vehicle. We do have multiple options for financing with low monthly payments – we are here to help.