Interior Wheelchair Carrier & Scooter Lifts

A wheelchair carrier or scooter lift rides on the inside of your vehicles. One of the greatest benefits of this option is that you can drive your scooter or wheelchair onto the platform and then let the lift do all the work to move it inside your vehicle. Another benefit is that your device is kept out of the weather.  



Harmar Mobility Interior Wheelchair & Scooter Vehicle Lifts

Harmar AL215 Axis I / Single Axis Hoist Lift

The AL215 offers the most efficient and economical solution for transporting power chairs and scooters that are smaller. The power lifting combined with manual rotation helps lift the mobility device to storage height and then lets the user swing it into storage position.

Harmar AL225 Axis II Double Axis Hoist Lift

The AL225 is the ergonomic, medium capacity option to store your power chair or scooter. The power lifting and power rotation makes loading and unloading extremely simple. The AL225 can also be easily removed and reinstalled thanks to its easy-turn and weight distributing handles.

Harmar AL425 Axis II Double Axis Hoist Lift

This inside lift offers a 400 lb. lift capacity without occupying the space of a heavy-duty lift. The AL425 is the easiest to use and install in the industry and works best with power chairs and scooters. The AL425 is adaptable to vans, SUV's and trucks. This lift truly sets the standard for inside lifts.



The Harmar AL6000 Series Lift is easy to install and features an advanced control system for smooth and safe operation. It fits a variety of vehicles and offers an ergonomic design design for easy loading thanks to an adjustable lift arm. The Harmar AL6000 also includes a manual override for extra control.

Harmar AL425HD Axis II/2-Axis Inside HD Lift

Fully-powered lifting and rotation for effortless loading of a 400 lb+ power chair. It is the ideal solution to stow a power chair or scooter inside a van, truck or SUV. Its lighter install weight gets the job done without weighing down the vehicle. It comes with a weather resistant hand control and has an optional wireless remote control.

Harmar AL435 Axis III / 3-Axis Inside Lift

The AL435 allows for maximum power with minimum space and can accommodate the heaviest power chairs and scooters on the market. This inside vehicle lift is the most versatile and flexible of any other inside lift available. The AL435 lift has ergonomic hand controls and two key fobs.



The Harmar AL690 interior hybrid wheelchair and scooter lift is a versatile and reliable mobility aid that offers convenience, reliability, and peace of mind for users with mobility needs. It can support wheelchairs and scooters weighing up to 350 pounds and can be easily installed in a variety of vehicles. 



Bruno Interior Powerchair Lifts for Wheelchair Vehicles

The most popular Bruno scooter, power chair lift for minivans and full-size vans, the Joey is the easiest interior solution available. Just drive on the platform, press a button and Bruno’s space-efficient Joey lifts and stows your mobility device. Use the Bruno Joey to lift your scooter or powerchair hassle free in the back of your van.

Bruno’s Big-Lifter is an affordable alternative to the Curb-Sider scooter or powerchair lift but requires a person to manually rotate the mobility device into the vehicle. The Big-Lifter is often a great choice when seeking a value-priced interior scooter powerchair lift and when a caregiver is present for operation.

Bruno Lifter Scooter Powerchair Lift

Raising and stowing your folding manual wheelchair, travel scooter or travel powerchair into your car’s truck or hatchback is easier than ever with Bruno’s Lifter. Connect the docking device, press the button and your mobility device is lifted automatically. Gently guide it into the back of your vehicle, and you are ready to hit the road.

Bruno Curb-Sider Scooter Powerchair Lift

Bruno’s compact Curb-Sider scooter and powerchair lift offers maximum power with minimum effort — making it Bruno’s most popular hoist-style lift. The highly versatile Curb-Sider easily lifts and stows both standard and heavy-duty scooters and powerchairs weighing up to 400 lb/181 kg in most vehicles.



Adapt Solutions Interior Lifts for Wheelchair Vehicles

The Adapt Solutions Speedy Lift's unique design allows the lift to fold away into the vehicle, allowing for more space inside the vehicle for passengers and cargo. This lift also features an innovative, fully automated system with a self-leveling platform that is designed to provide a reliable and secure lift and lower experience. 



Creative Controls Interior Armstrong Lift for Wheelchair Vehicles

The Armstrong Lift™ Power-Chair, Scooter, Wheelchair lift and scooter lift provides adapted SUV users with the luxury and convenience. This wheelchair or scooter lift, in its folded position, creates 100% interior floor space without having to replace or modify the SUV’s rear compartment doorway. Mobility is now within arm’s reach with this innovative and space-saving personal mobility stowage lift.

Creative Controls Armstrong Lift

The Armstrong lift is the ideal solution for transporting your mobility device. The compact design and powerful motor accommodates scooters and power wheelchairs up to 350 pounds for stowage in SUVs, crossover vehicles, and minivans. The unique side-mount configuration of the Armstrong lift maximizes cargo space and allows for full use of the third-row seats when the lift is not in use. Additionally, the 29-pound lifting arm can be easily removed and transferred between vehicles.



Mobility Innovations Exterior Wheelchair & Scooter Lifts

The Autochair Smart Lifter is an in-vehicle hoist lift that makes it easy to load and store wheelchairs, powerchairs, or scooters in your vehicle. It has hydraulic lifting power that can handle even the heaviest mobility devices. When not in use, the Smart Lifter can be easily removed, creating more storage space in your vehicle. 


Financing Available

United Access offers financing for your mobility equipment needs. Financing is available for scooters, lifts, driving aids, mobility seating, maintenance, repairs, and even extended warranties. Our team of professionals will help you find the best financing or funding resource for you.

Wheelchair Van Rental Information

Our customers find wheelchair van rentals perfect for taking a family member on a vacation, visiting relatives for the holidays, celebrating birthdays and graduations, or even getting to the doctor—your journey is only limited by your imagination.

Free Needs Analysis

Not sure what mobility solution is right for you, your family and your budget? Let our trained mobility specialists help you find the best solution, for today and for the future. For your convenience, we can schedule a phone appointment, or an appointment at our dealership or your home



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