Find Your Wheelchair Vehicle at United Access

Find freedom with a wheelchair accessible vehicle suited for your exact needs. United Access, a premier wheelchair accessible vehicle dealer offers new and used wheelchair vans and SUVs for sale. Our new and used inventory includes rear entry and side entry wheelchair accessible minivans, full-size vans, cars, trucks, and SUVs. United Access offers accessible vehicles for rent, and we also purchase and accept both non-accessible and accessible vehicles for trade.    

We work with premium accessible vehicle manufacturers you can trust, including BraunAbility, VMI, and more, who are known in the industry for quality wheelchair van conversions.  

Find Your Custom Mobility Solution  

Mobility solutions are not one-size-fits-all and we find unique solutions. United Access specializes in finding the best wheelchair accessible vehicle for you, your needs and your budget. We do a complete needs analysis to assess your wants and needs and recommend the right mobility solutions based on our assessment. 

United Access has hundreds of wheelchair accessible vehicles in stock at all times; used and new, side-entry and rear-entry, powered ramps and manual ramps. 

There are a variety of wheelchair lifts for trucks available as well as platform lifts. We can install mobility solutions to make any truck accessible. 

We are proud to offer the BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse, which offers a side-entry manual or powered ramp.  

United Access offers full-size vans that are customizable to your needs, from large families to commercial use.

United Access is proud to offer both new and used Toyota wheelchair and handicap mobility vans. The Toyota Sienna side-entry van conversion is available in both power and manual ramps. The power side entry features a folding ramp and infloor ramp.


Short-term and long-term rental options are available for wheelchair accessible vans. Rent a van for special events, road trips or a trip to the doctor.  

We are interested in purchasing your used vehicles, both accessible and non-accessible. Get free appraisals for your vehicle and use it as a trade-in or for sale. 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle FAQ

The price of a wheelchair van can vary anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000. The price of an accessible vehicle can be broken down into the price of the vehicle itself plus the cost of additional modifications. The cost of a vehicle typically starts around $20,000. The cost of mobility conversions can range from $15,000 to $30,000. One way to save on a mobility vehicle is to buy a used wheelchair van. 

To properly secure a wheelchair inside a vehicle you must use wheelchair tie-down straps. Sometimes these are referred to as wheelchair restraints. The basic types of wheelchair tie-downs include manual wheelchair tie downs, 4-point system, floor anchors, retractable wheelchair tie-downs, and automatic/power wheelchair tie downs. 

No one seems to agree on what to call our vehicles. Are they wheelchair vans? Or are they handicap vans? A wheelchair van makes the product sound as though the vehicle is made of wheelchairs, or that it is only made for wheelchair users, which is incorrect. The word “handicap” is a term that isn’t considered appropriate by many as a description of people with disabilities. This is called disability-first speak, and more people are moving toward a person-first language approach, as in, “a person with a disability” versus “a disabled person.” Some other names for our vans include WAV (an acronym for wheelchair accessible vans) lift vans, mobility vans, and conversion vans. 

There are a wide variety of wheelchair accessible vehicle options available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a minivan, a full-size van, an SUV, or a truck, you likely have more options than you think. Often, your existing vehicle can be converted to fit your mobility needs as well. 

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is one that has been modified by increasing the interior size of the vehicle and equipping it with a ramp or powered lift for entry by someone in a wheelchair. 

Selecting the best vehicle for a wheelchair user depends on that individual and their wants and needs. Wheelchair accessible vehicles come in a variety of types: minivan, full-size van, SUV, car, or truck. Our trained team of Mobility Specialists can work with you to find the option that is best for you and your needs.