BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse

The BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse is the most spacious powered ramp accessible SUV in the industry! Whether you are a wheelchair passenger or driver, this is the best wheelchair-accessible SUV on the market.


Fully powered door and ramp

Removable front seats

Seats up to 7 passengers

Door Opening Usable Width A 30.5"
Door Opening Usable Height (at Middle Door) B 54.5"
Interior Height at Center of Vehicle C 59"
Interior Height at Driver and Passenger Position D 58"
Ramp Length E 52"
Ramp Width (Usable Clear Opening) F 30.25"
Ramp Angle (Kneeled) G 9"
Interior Floor Length (Behind Front Seat Strikers) H 57"
Overall Interior Floor Length (Flat Area) I 90.25"
Interior Width at Passenger Doors (Closed - Open) J 61.5" - 64.25
Interior Width at B Pillars K 57"
Wheelchair SUV Dimensions


Try Before You Buy

In the market for a wheelchair accessible van but not ready to make a purchase without taking it for a test drive? Our Try Before You Buy Program is the best low-risk way to ensure your new vehicle fits all of your needs.

Whether for the day, a week, or longer, each United Access location offers wheelchair van rentals, so you never have to worry about missing out. View our rental rates and requirements, or request your next rental today.

Financing Available

United Access offers financing for your mobility equipment needs. Financing is available for scooters, lifts, driving aids, mobility seating, maintenance, repairs, and even extended warranties. Our team of professionals will help you find the best financing or funding resource for you.

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Can I drive from my wheelchair in an accessible vehicle?

Yes, most of our side-entry wheelchair accessible ramp vans come standard with removeable front seats, so you can remove the front seat and position yourself in your wheelchair behind the wheel. We can equip your wheelchair van with a locking device on the floor of the van to safely secure your vehicle while driving. We also have a full line of hand controls and driving aids which we can install in your wheelchair accessible van.   

How many people can fit in a wheelchair accessible van?   

Between 5-7 people can fit in a wheelchair van, depending on where the person in the wheelchair will be positioned and the size of the rest of the passengers. If the wheelchair user will be a driver or be positioned in the passenger seat, that will leave the wheelchair cut out area unoccupied, and have room for typically 5 people including the wheelchair user. If the wheelchair user will be positioned in the cut-out area of the van, that’ll allow for another person in the driver/passenger position. It also depends on the size of the people who will sit in the rear bench, some can accommodate 3 easily, but if the passengers are larger, it may only accommodate 2 people.   

I can’t get to your location; how can I try out a wheelchair van?   

We can come to you depending on how far you are away from our location. We understand if you are in the need for an accessible vehicle, getting to us could be difficult. Many times, we do all our meetings and transactions at your home or work, whatever is more convenient for you. We typically will first perform a needs analysis, which can be done over the phone, and based on that we have a good idea what wheelchair accessible van might be best for you. We can email or text pictures to you and then when you think you’ve seen one you like, we can bring it by for you to get in, take a ride, etc.

Do you carry used and new wheelchair vehicles?  

Yes, our used wheelchair vans come to us when customers trade in, or sell us back their accessible vehicle, which is a great benefit for those who are looking for some more economical options. We also carry brand new vans with <100 miles. Another option is something we call Used/New, which is a used vehicle with 30K-60K miles and a new conversion, which can save you money. Our inventory changes daily, if you know what you are seeking, whether it’s a color, price range, etc., let us know and we can keep an eye out for you.

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