Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Side-entry conversions are for owners who drive or ride in the first frow from their wheelchair. Rear-entry wheelchair vans are ideal for wheelchair users who have a caregiver – this conversion type can’t be operated independently.   

A foldout ramp is manual push and deploy ramp and easily fits over curbs for ease of entry and exit. Infloor ramps are hidden in the interior creating a standard minivan environment. Infloor ramps require no manual deployment – done with button or remote.   

Manual ramps require user to deploy the ramp, while power ramps are deployed with a remote or button.

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is a modified vehicle with conversions for wheelchair entry. Wheelchair accessible vans can be adapted depending on specific needs of a wheelchair user. Accessible vans typically have either a side-entry or rear-entry ramp or lift. United Access Vans that are converted must be compliant with stringent ADA requirements. United Access works with only the best manufacturers to ensure your van is safe, reliable, and meets the specific needs of the wheelchair user. Our manufacturer partners include  BraunAbility, ATC, VMI and more.  Let us help answer any other questions you may have by giving us a call, filling out our quick question form, or stopping by one of our showrooms. Our experts are knowledgeable and here to help. 

A variety of minivans, trucks, and SUVs can install a wheelchair conversion. If minivans don’t fit your needs, accessible trucks may be the option for you. Brands with vehicles that can add conversions include Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Chevrolet, and Toyota. 

Yes, we have wheelchair accessible vehicles in stock at our United Access locations. Visit our online inventory of new and pre-owned accessible vehicles. 

It depends. You can frequently obtain a pre-owned accessible vehicle loaded with all the options you want, to meet your specific needs and budget. However, let a Mobility Consultant assist in your selection.


Not typically.

Medicare Part B is the only part of Medicare that might cover a wheelchair van only because it allows for coverage of durable medical equipment (DME). Typically, this is not an expense that is covered by Medicare. Check Medicare.gov for current information and coverage. 

We are able to assist with financing. Banks are often unfamiliar with the added value of the wheelchair van conversion, which can result in less than ideal loan parameters. For this reason, we maintain close relationships with banks, grant resources, and foundations in hopes of making it easier for you to find the right wheelchair van financing options. Many customers find that their local credit union also offers acceptable interest rates and options.  

Let us help! 

Yes, purchasing a wheelchair van can be expensive, and finding funding for these purchases can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. The Mobility Specialists at United Access are knowledgeable of all the rebate programs and funding options available to you when you are ready to purchase your next wheelchair van. 

Let us help answer any other questions you may have by giving us a call, filling out our quick question form, or stopping by one of our showrooms. Our experts are knowledgeable and here to help.   

Wheelchair Accessible Rentals

Rentals are available at select United Access locations across the country. Contact a mobility specialist today to learn more about wheelchair accessible rentals. 

Rental rates for wheelchair accessible vans vary across each state.  Rental rates for accessible vans vary between $130-150 daily.  

Absolutely! You can use your handicap placard in your wheelchair accessible van rental. Make sure the placard is valid and it can be used in the accessible rental as long as you're present as a driver or passenger. 

"Try before I buy" means the driver or passenger has the opportunity to test the wheelchair accessible vehicle before you rent to make sure it fits your needs.

At this time, Medicare does not cover the cost of a handicap van rental.

Yes, we rent wheelchair accessible vans at our United Access locations. We rent by the day, weekend, week and month. Visit our rental center to learn more about our wheelchair van rentals.

Unfortunately, at this time United Access does not rent scooters, wheelchairs or power chairs. However, please call us and we would be happy to provide a referral to a local resource for scooter and power chair rentals. We do sell scooters and power wheelchairs at our United Access locations. 

Mobility Scooters

There are many mobility scooter options on the market. We've created a mobility scooter buying guide to help you determine what may work best for you.

Mobility Lifts

The cost to add a wheelchair lift to an accessible van starts at around $1,200. The price of a mobility chair lift is adjusted depending on individual needs and the type of accessibility technology you are seeking. 

The weight of a wheelchair lift for an accessible vehicle varies depending on the type of lift. A wheelchair lift for a vehicle has an estimated weight of 150-330 lbs. 

The base of the wheelchair lift provides a surface that lifts the wheelchair into the vehicle, usually operated by remote. The remote controls the mobility lift- rising or descending as needed. Once in the wheelchair van, the wheelchair can be secured in many ways, but the most common securement are straps or restraints. Find more information on wheelchair accessible restraints.  

Accessible Trucks

Yes, accessible equipment and other items you might need can still be covered in weather. The Clock Mobility Access-A-Top is one solution that can provide coverage for truck bed.  

Yes, with the addition of Clock Mobility Access-A-Top, you will be able to use your lift and close truck bed simultaneously.   

Yes, we can install most hand controls to any truck for a mobility solution.  

Yes, there are options available to allow you to keep existing vehicle seat.


To thank our veterans for their unselfish service, veterans, active-duty military, National Guard & Reserve, and their families receive a 10% discount on every rental, every day, regardless of length.   

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