Wheelchair Restraints & Securement Systems

It is important to feel safe and secure in your vehicle while riding with your wheelchair. United Access offers a variety of wheelchair securement systems, including wheelchair tie downs and docking securement. While in transportation, wheelchairs should be secured whether they are being occupied or unoccupied. By properly securing your wheelchair in the vehicle, this will ensure your wheelchair will not fall or tip over while the vehicle is moving.  

Wheelchair Restraints for a Safer Driving Experience 

Whether you are looking for a mobility solution for driving or riding, we will help find the best wheelchair securement option for you. United Access is committed to providing you with safe mobility solutions to help you on your road to independence. At our locations, a mobility specialist will fit the wheelchair tie down or docking system to your wheelchair to create a customized solution for you. Contact one of our trusted mobility specialists or read below to find the best wheelchair securement solution for you.

Wheelchair Tie Downs  

United Access offers a variety of wheelchair tie down systems. Wheelchair tie downs act as a seat belt for your wheelchair in a vehicle. Wheelchair tie downs are often interchangeably referenced as straps and restraints as well. We have a selection of manual and retractable wheelchair restraints to best fit your mobility needs. 

Manual Wheelchair Tie Downs  

Manual wheelchair straps work in a 4-point anchor system. Two straps secure the front of the wheelchair, and 2 straps secure it from behind. Once the straps are secured in the four anchor points, the slack will manually need to be adjusted to tighten.  Manual wheelchair tie downs require assistance and cannot be used in the driving position.  

Retractable Wheelchair Tie Downs 

Retractable wheelchair tie downs also work in a 4-point anchor system. Retractable wheelchair straps provide a quicker securement method. The strap, once secured, will automatically tighten the belt to most secured position removing the slack from the tie down. Retractable wheelchair tie downs along with manual are for passenger use only.  

Wheelchair Docking Systems  

Docking wheelchair securement system in your accessible vehicle allows a wheelchair user to drive or ride as a passenger while remaining in their wheelchair. An automatic docking base allows a user to lock their wheelchair into place without assistance from others. Simply roll into the docking point and the docking system will automatically secure your wheelchair into place. Docking securement systems lock the wheelchair into place with a single lock point under the wheelchair. Specific brackets are installed to the vehicle floor to be the base to lock the wheelchair into. Our certified technicians will customize this securement based on your wheelchair. Drive or ride with ease with the installation of a wheelchair docking system. 

Our Wheelchair Restraints & Securement Products

Q’STRAINT is a world leader in wheelchair and occupant securement solutions. We are proud to partner with them to provide a variety of effective, safe, and reliable solutions. The Q’STRAINT wheelchair securement systems include retractors, tie downs, and docking systems. We work closely with each of our customers to determine the best solution for their specific mobility needs.   

Sure-Lock is a leading manufacturer of wheelchair securements and occupant restraints for transporting wheelchair users. Sure-Lok offers a wide selection of wheelchair securements and occupant restraints allowing you to select the products that are best suited for your needs and the layout of your vehicle. We can help you choose the securement system that best fits your mobility needs with Sure-Lok’s products.   

EZ Lock Securement Systems has offered wheelchair restraints for both wheelchair passengers and drivers for over 30 years. The EZ Lock docking systems allow users to lock their wheelchair into place without having assistance from others. No more struggling to cinch the straps down; no more hassle, saving you both time and effort. Contact us today to help find the right securement system for your needs.  

BraunAbility has designed the first manual wheelchair restraint with a power release feature. Easily lock your wheelchair into the Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint and transfer to the driver or front passenger seat. With the Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint, you won't have to worry about your chair rolling around during transportation and be able to travel with ease.  

FAQs about Wheelchair Securement

With manual wheelchair restraints, first place the wheelchair in the middle of the anchor points. Once placed, attach all four tie downs to the anchor points and attach the manual straps onto the body of the wheelchair. Adjust the slack on the wheelchair straps and the wheelchair will be secure. Retractable wheelchair tie downs also secure at 4 anchor points but will automatically tighten once attached.   

The best way to keep your wheelchair from tipping over is to properly secure it to your vehicle. There are a variety of wheelchair securement options that we can assist you in learning more about to find the best fit for your needs.  

Wheelchair restraints, tie downs, and docking systems are all ways to keep your wheelchair from falling. A wheelchair securement product acts as a seatbelt for the wheelchair itself to keep it from tipping forward or falling while driving.   

It is recommended to have four anchor points to secure the wheelchair in place. It is safest to have two tie downs in the front and two in the back of the wheelchair to secure it to the vehicle. There are different options of wheelchair restraints such as wheelchair tie-downs, docking systems, wheelchair straps.   

There are many wheelchair securement systems available to fit the mobility solution for you. With docking systems to restraints, we have mobility solutions for driving or riding in a vehicle. Contact a Mobility Specialist to find the best wheelchair securement solution for you.   

Not all wheelchairs have a crash tested, approved bracket for use with electronic docking stations. Different brackets may be recommended for your chair in different positions in your vehicle. Contact your local dealer for more information.  

We offer universal tie downs that will work for most wheelchairs and scooters. Our team of trained professionals ensure you have the right wheelchair tie down system for your vehicle and wheelchair.