Wheelchair Vehicle Grants & Funding Options

The purchase of accessible vans and mobility equipment can be expensive.  United Access has multiple financing options as well as a guide to special funding and financing programs that may benefit you. Below are a few general options to research:

Wheelchair Van Financing

United Access has multiple first rate financial institutions as partners for various options to finance your accessible vehicle.  From sub-par credit to pristine credit, we can find a solution for you to purchase the accessible vehicle you need. 

State Agency Grants

Every state has a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program. These are state-funded programs that assist disabled individuals with getting back into or remaining in the workplace. In many cases, state VRs provide funding for vehicle modifications. Check with the location in your state and we can get you in touch with the appropriate people to explain the process.

Veterans Resources

If you are a disabled veteran or service member, you may qualify for financial assistance. For more information, contact us or visit our Veterans page with more information

Mobility Rebate Programs

Before purchasing a new vehicle that requires modifications for disabilities, we recommend checking with us regarding potential rebates. Many vehicle manufacturers such as Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, and others offer rebates to purchasers of new vehicles who require modifications for their disabilities. Feel free to inquire with us for further information and assistance.

Trade In Your Current Vehicle

United Access offers a trade-in program for your current converted or non-converted vehicle. Start the no-obligation appraisal process today and a mobility specialist will be in touch with an offer you may be able to apply to the purchase of a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle from your local United Access dealer.


If you require financial assistance for the purchase of an accessible vehicle or modifications to improve your mobility, you may consider organizing a fundraising campaign. By reaching out to friends, family, neighbors, and local organizations, you can create a network of support that will help raise the necessary funds.

Charitable Organizations

There are a variety of charitable organizations that may be able to assist you with funding for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or vehicle modifications. It’s important that you research what is available to you in your local market.


Wheelchair vehicle grants can help with the purchase of wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive equipment. There are nonprofit organizations, such as Bridge to Mobility and Help Our Military Heroes, that assist with providing information, support, and grants for wheelchair accessible vehicles.