Full-Size Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Are you looking for an accessible vehicle that can provide more space than a wheelchair accessible minivan or SUV? Are you a traveler that needs more interior space to tow campers, boats, or equipment? United Access offers full-size wheelchair vans for sale and these full-size accessible vans can be customized to best fit your mobility needs.   

Whether you are looking for an accessible vehicle for multiple wheelchair passengers, large families, personal use, commercial use, or for transporting equipment, a full-size wheelchair van offers multiple configurations to fit your mobility travel needs. Full-size wheelchair vans have the option to be converted to fit your mobility needs with the addition of wheelchair lifts, non-slip flooring, raised roofs and more.

Full-Size Wheelchair Van Features

For large families, large-size wheelchairs, or commercial needs a wheelchair accessible minivan doesn’t fit all of your mobility needs. Full-size wheelchair vans can expand your travel options. With conversions of spacious interior, raised roofs, and wheelchair lifts full-size wheelchair vans can fit your personal or commercial travels.  

Side- or Rear-Entry Wheelchair Lifts

Large wheelchairs can be transported at ease with the addition of a side-entry or rear-entry wheelchair lift conversion.

Spacious Interior

Full-size wheelchair vans feature a spacious interior including multiple seating configurations to allow for multiple passengers and customized solutions.

Raised Roof

Full-size wheelchair vans feature a raised roof for additional headroom and extra storage.

Additional Features

  • Fits most types of wheelchairs 
  • Ample space for multiple wheelchairs 
  • Comfortably seats additional passengers 
  • Plenty of room for equipment 

Wheelchair Accessible Full-Size Van Conversions

The Ram ProMaster® features two length and roof height options. It offers multiple seating configurations making this full-size wheelchair van one of the most versatile in the industry. Built on the reliable Ram ProMaster, this mobility accessible converted van has room for multiple wheelchair passengers along with ambulatory travelers. 

Mobility Equipment for Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

At United Access, we understand that mobility solutions vary across different individuals' needs. We work to help you find the best fit for you. We offer a wide variety of mobility products that are compatible with full-size wheelchair vans. If you are looking for a wheelchair lift, the BraunAbility UVL is a recommended solution. Hand controls can be installed, and Sure Grip hand controls are a great option. A variety of wheelchair securement options can be installed to ensure you travel safely and with ease. Our Mobility Specialists are here to help you find the best mobility solutions for your full-size wheelchair van.  

BraunAbility UVL Platform Lift

The BraunAbility UVL (Under Vehicle Lift) offers a sleek and safe platform lift for your vehicle. With easy access, a clear side view, and maximum interior space, this lift is perfect for your full-size wheelchair van. 

Driving Aids for Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

For those who have limited use of their limbs, the addition of a driving aid to your full size wheelchair van is a great solution. Hand controls allow users to gain driving independence by operating many driving features with their hands.

Wheelchair Securement for Full-Size Vans

We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your vehicle. We offer a variety of wheelchair securement systems such as tie downs and docking systems to help properly secure your wheelchair in the vehicle during transportation.


Try Before You Buy

In the market for a wheelchair accessible van but not ready to make a purchase without taking it for a test drive? Our Try Before You Buy Program is the best low-risk way to ensure your new vehicle fits all of your needs.

United Access offers financing for your mobility equipment needs. Financing is available for scooters, lifts, driving aids, mobility seating, maintenance, repairs, and even extended warranties. Our team of professionals will help you find the best financing or funding resource for you. 

Free Needs Analysis

Not sure what mobility solution is right for you, your family and your budget? Let our trained mobility specialists help you find the best solution, for today and for the future

Frequently Asked Questions about Full-Size Wheelchair Vans

How many wheelchairs can fit in a van? 

For most accessible minivans and SUVs 1 –2 wheelchairs can fit. Full-size wheelchair vans are designed with a more spacious interior to allow for multiple wheelchair users to travel safely. 

What is a Tempest van? 

A Tempest van is a full-size wheelchair van built on a Ram ProMaster chassis. It is a spacious full-size wheelchair van with added headroom and customizable solutions.

Does insurance pay for wheelchair vans?

To better understand if Medicare or state or local government funding sources will cover the cost of a full-size wheelchair van, contact your local dealer.

What vans can carry a wheelchair? 

A variety of vans can be converted to be wheelchair accessible. Among these vehicles includes vehicles from Chevrolet, Dodge, and Toyota

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