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Trust United Access for Your Handicap Accessible Vehicle Needs

United Access has a rich history and experience in the mobility industry. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality wheelchair accessible vehicle and adaptive equipment. We strive to be your trusted resource for accessible vehicles, adaptive equipment, wheelchair accessible vehicle service and maintenance, and offer wheelchair accessible vehicle rental options. Our team will walk you through the variety of options for our United Access vans. From if you are looking for a side-entry or rear-entry ramp, addition of a wheelchair lift, adaptive equipment, seating solutions and more to fit your mobility needs.

With a wide range of modern handicap accessible vehicles available, with side-entry or rear-entry ramp conversions, and a vast array of driving aids and seating configurations, a buyer can easily become overwhelmed with all the options. This is where the Certified Mobility Specialists at United Access come in; they provide knowledgeable advice to help the buyer find exactly what they need. Whether it's about the wheelchair accessible van, wheelchair lifts, driving aids, or any other adaptive equipment, the team at United Access will ensure that the buyer is equipped with the right product to give them the freedom, mobility, and security they need. 

Handicap Accessible Vehicles: What is an Accessible Vehicle?

Finding mobility solutions for you that fit your mobility needs can be hard and sometimes even feel impossible. United Access and our mobility specialists are dedicated to making that search easy for you. As a premier wheelchair accessible vehicle dealer, we provide a selection of new and used handicap accessible vehicles for sale, rent, and even trade ins. We offer rear-entry and side-entry wheelchair accessible vans. If minivans are not your fit, we offer wheelchair accessible SUVs and trucks to help fit your mobility needs. We partner with trusted brands like BraunAbility to ensure you are leaving with a safe and reliable vehicle. 

With a range of highly specialized vehicles, United Access has something for everyone. At United Access, we take a personalized approach to customer service. Our Mobility Specialists want to get to know you and your story so we can choose the best vehicle specifically for you and your needs. You can trust in their commitment to doing the right thing and their honest assessments. Every case is unique, we work with you to determine which mobility solution fits best into your budget without sacrificing quality. Find the right vehicle for you and find your freedom today with our mobility specialists.

Adaptive Equipment Installation in Handicap Accessible Vehicles 

For years, United Access has been building and sustaining relationships with esteemed Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists in many different markets across the USA. Safety is our primary concern, which is why a driver evaluation is necessary for anyone interested in installing driving aids. United Access is dedicated to connecting those interested in driving with a driver evaluator in their local area who is qualified and experienced to provide top-notch services. 

We also provide a range of unique handicap automotive equipment and driving aids from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, including Creative Controls Inc., Sure Grip, Mobility Innovations, EMC, Bever Mobility, and more. Our Mobility Technicians are up to date on the latest industry standards and certified to install and service these specialized products. When customers come to us, they can trust that they are getting the highest quality products and superior technical services. 

Our Handicap Accessible Vehicle Service Team

At United Access, we specialize in providing wheelchair accessible vehicle service, maintenance, and repairs with over 50 locations across the nation. Our Service Technicians are certified within the industry and by manufacturers like BraunAbility to ensure they are always up to date with the latest designs and quality standards. In addition, we are a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association and proudly participate in the Quality Assurance Program (QAP). Knowing that issues can arise at any time, we make ourselves available and are on stand-by to take your call whenever you are in need. Our team understands that safety and straightforward transportation are of utmost importance, and we strive to provide the best possible service to ensure you can live and travel with confidence.  

United Access is here to assist you. At United Access we are a leading provider of mobility services and products with an experienced staff and an expansive range of modern wheelchair accessible vehicles, lifts, and driving aids available. The team at United Access is dedicated to helping buyers find the right product to give them the freedom, mobility, and security they need, as well as providing wheelchair accessible vehicle service and maintenance, and rental options.

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