Mobility Innovations Hand Controls

Mobility Innovations offers a variety of hand controls to meet the individual needs of those with limited mobility. These hand controls provide customers with greater independence, allowing them to drive safely and confidently. The hand controls are designed to reduce fatigue and strain, making driving easier and more comfortable. They are also designed to be user-friendly and adjustable, allowing customers to find the perfect fit. In addition, the controls are durable and reliable, offering a long-lasting and dependable solution. 

Mobility Innovations Hand Control Options

Veigel Classic Hand Control

This Veigel right hand control is considered the premier hand control for reasons of quality, ease of use and apearance in the vehicle. With the Veigel Classic you push to brake, turn to accelerate. The unique accelerator motion allows the driver to adjust the seat close to the hand control without affecting operation. 

Veigel Compact Hand Control

With the Veigel Compact you push to brake, pull to accelerate. The unique push pull motion prevents simultaneous use of the gas and brake making it a good choice for older drivers and drivers with neural deficits. This Veigel right hand control is considered a premier hand control for reasons of quality, ease of use and appearance in the vehicle. 

Veigel Basic Hand Control

With the Veigel Basic you push to brake, pull to accelerate. The Basic is designed to be a low-cost alternative to the Compact. By eliminating the decorative cover, the Basic offers the same function and quality at a reduced price.  

Push Right Angle Hand Control

The Viegel Push Right Angle Hand Control is a great choice for people with limited mobility or dexterity. It offers a comfortable, ergonomic design which allows users to easily and quickly control their vehicle with a simple push of the handle.  

Push Pull Hand Control

The Veigel Push Rock hand control offers an easy, comfortable way to control your vehicle. Its unique rocking motion enables you to brake and accelerate with minimal hand travel, keeping your hand in a natural position. Plus, the removable handle helps you get in and out of your vehicle safely and conveniently. 

Push Rock Hand Control

The Push Pull Quad hand control provides a safe, cost-effective alternative to expensive high-tech driving systems. With separate motions for accelerator and brake functions, this control is ideal for persons with cognitive disabilities, allowing them to respond quickly in emergency situations.  

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