Indoor & Outdoor Stair Chair Lifts

Help restore full access to your home with the addition of a stair lift. With our trusted partners Harmar® and Bruno, we offer stair lifts for indoor and outdoor use in select United Access stores. We understand it is important to feel independent and safe within your home, with straight and curved stairlifts, we can customize the best solution for you.  

Select United Access locations offer home accessibility products, so contact us today to learn more.

Chair Lifts for Stairs

If you are looking for a reliable and compact stair lift option, the Harmar® SL300 Straight Home Stair Lift is a good solution for you. The SL300 Stair Lift is very compact, runs smoothly and requires little to no maintenance.  

The Harmar® SL600 Straight Home Stair Lift is an affordable and sleek stair lift. This stair lift includes a comfortable seat and swivels at the top landing to ensure a safe enter and exit to the lift.  

Enjoy a smooth and quiet ride with the Harmar® CSL500 Helix Curved Home Stair Lift. This custom design offers a narrower profile mounting closer to the wall to have tighter bends.  


The Bruno Elan Straight Stair Lift is a great mobility solution for indoor straight staircases. The stair lift comes with a low-profile rail design leaving plenty of open space on the steps.  

With a premium design the Bruno Elite Straight Stair Lift features option like a power swivel seat and power folding foot rest. This stair lift is customizable to best fit your mobility needs.  

The Bruno Curved Home Stair Lift offers a stair lift design that seamlessly blends into your home environment. It can be customizable to fit your needs with features such as a manual or automatic push button.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor & Outdoor Stair Chair Lifts

It is common for customers who are looking to purchase a stairlift to ask if Medicare or their private health insurance will cover the cost of a stairlift. Medicare and private health insurance in the US usually do not cover the cost of purchasing a stairlift. Rather, the purchase of a stairlift is generally private pay. If you need financial assistance to purchase a stairlift, United Access offers mobility equipment financing.

Private insurance or Medicare does not usually pay for indoor stair lifts. However, we do offer mobility equipment financing

The cost of a stair lift varies depending on the length and complexity of the staircase, but the cost range is typically between $3,200 for an average straight rail stairlift installed and $15,000 and up for a custom curved rail stairlift. The national average is around $6,000. There are also custom features that accommodate a wide variety of users that will provide extra comfort and safety for the user. Those can include wider footrests, custom swivel seats, seat assist and more. 

A stairlift has a seat called a carriage and allows you to move from floor to floor on a track that rides up and down the stairs, while a chairlift has a platform designed to lift a wheelchair user while they remain sitting in their chair. 

A stairlift can generally be manufactured and installed to fit almost any stairway, although the final stairlift cost will vary depending on the kind of chair, rail, and stairlift installation required. 

Typical stairlifts have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, though many have capacities up to 400 pounds. 

Yes, stairlifts can be installed outdoors and are a great mobility solution to allow you to enjoy the outdoors safely. 

The cost of an indoor stair lift varies based on model, length of staircase and the desired options. They typically start around $4,000 installed and can increase depending on options selected. A curved indoor staircase starts around $11,000 installed and can increase depending on options selected.