Wheelchair to Car & Vehicles Transfer Seats

Enjoy the comfort and style of riding in your wheelchair accessible vehicle’s factory original automotive seat. Once the wheelchair user has entered via the ramp, the transfer seat rotates to an angle allowing for easy transfer from the wheelchair. After securing the wheelchair, simply rotate the transfer seat into the forward-facing position for the ride. All factory seat functions remain for your comfort.

If you’re considering a wheelchair accessible vehicle, talk to our Mobility Specialists about a transfer seat to enjoy the original vehicle seat features.

Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Transfer Seat Products

BraunAbility® B&D Transfer Seat Base

Braunability® manufactures transfer seat bases for both the driver and passenger positions for virtually all makes of converted wheelchair accessible minivans and full size vans.



Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer Seats

What is a transfer seat in a handicap van?

A handicap vehicle transfer seat, also known as a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) transfer seat, allows the person in the wheelchair to drive from the original manufacturer's vehicle seat. The wheelchair user will access the interior of the vehicle via a ramp. The transfer seat swivels to allow the person to transfer from their wheelchair to the driver’s seat in the interior of the vehicle. The user then swivels the seat back into the forward-facing position to drive.

Can I finance my accessible vehicle transfer seat?

Yes! We finance seating, service, and vehicles. Contact the location near you for more information