Wheelchair to Car & Vehicles Turning Transfer Seats

Make travel simple and safe again for your loved one with a turning transfer seat.

When a loved one struggles to get in and out of the car, the risk of injury from a strain or fall is a major concern. United Access’s transfer seat solutions offer safe and discreet access into vehicles. The seat swivels outside of the vehicle so the passenger can easily be seated without climbing into the cabin. The result? Safe, secure, and worry-free travel.

Turning swivel seats are ideal for anyone with limited mobility, or wheelchair users seeking easier transfers in and out of a vehicle. Options are available at multiple price points and can be installed on a wide range of vehicle brands and models. 

Talk to our Mobility Specialists to learn which solutions may be compatible with your current vehicle.

BraunAbility® Turning Transfer Seat Products

An advanced power swivel seat solution with a six-way programmable path, the BraunAbility Turny Evo is compatible with a wide range of high and low vehicles and seating positions. Push a button, and Turny Evo Seat will rotate, extend outside the vehicle and lower to a comfortable height.

An affordable, fully powered seat, the BraunAbility Turny Orbit Seat rotates and travels up and down for a mid-row safe transfer seating option. Exclusively for second row seating positions in select minivans.

A simple, affordable and easy-to-use seating option, the BraunAbility Turny Manual Seat swivels and extends at the push of a lever. Ideal for use in the front or mid row of low vehicles.


BraunAbility Turny Seats: Need help deciding?

Adapt Solutions® Turning Transfer Seat Products

This power transfer seat uses the original manufacturer's seat so you can keep the comfort, feel, and style of your interior. Customizable seating positions ensure safety, comfort, and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

In one smooth, simple motion, the XL Base rotates the original manufacturer's seat and then gently lowers it out of the vehicle. Compatible with front and center passenger positions of most minivans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Turning Transfer Seats

Transfer seats may be an option to make the wheelchair to car transfer easier for many people in wheelchairs and their caregivers. The seat swivels out and down to the level of the wheelchair. This may enable the wheelchair user to transfer themselves, or it may allow for easier, more ergonomic caregiver-assisted transfers.

There are several transfer seats that are designed for high vehicles. The handicap accessible seat rotates out of the vehicle and lowers down to the level of the wheelchair, making transfers much easier.

The easiest car to get in and out of is one that has a mobility assistive transfer device, such as a handicap accessible transfer seat or transfer board. Each person’s situation is different, and your local dealer can perform a free needs analysis to see which type of product would be right for you.

To better understand if Medicare or state or local government funding sources will cover the cost of an accessible vehicle seat, contact your local dealer.

Yes! We finance seating, service, and vehicles. Contact the location near you for more information.

Choosing the correct swivel base for a user and their vehicle comes down to a wide range of variables. The user's height, mobility and weight as well as the height of the vehicle's door opening all play an important role in determining what will work for each individual user. We have an accessible seating solution for hundreds of different vehicles. Contact us to confirm that your current vehicle is compatible with one of our products.

For caregivers transferring an adult or child, an accessible vehicle seat will allow you to perform ergonomic lifts and protect your back. Speak with an occupational therapist for tips and techniques to lift safely.  For wheelchair users able to transfer themselves, the accessible seat lowers to a convenient level for transferring.

Most walkers, canes, crutches, and some wheelchairs can fold or collapse to easily fit into the cabin of your vehicle. Some scooters, wheelchairs or powerchairs require a lift or other equipment to be installed on the vehicle. Some wheelchair users require wheelchair accessible van manufactured by a mobility provider like BraunAbility. The experts at your local dealer are there to help you find the option that fits your unique needs.

For some consumers, it would be very convenient to have the ability to interchange seats during travel, making it possible for the wheelchair user to switch from driver to passenger on long trips. However, interchangeable seating is simply not safe. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are the legal guardrails that ensure the safety of vehicle occupants, and automakers have adapted their engineering and design to meet those evolving standards. Airbags integrated within the vehicle’s seats are one of the more recent advancements all automakers have incorporated. These airbags are specifically designed to protect the seat occupants based on whether the seat is in the driver or passenger position. If those seats are interchanged, the course of the airbag deployment is altered or disabled altogether. Removing the protection of the air bag where it was intended to deploy leaves the seat occupant more vulnerable to injury. For that reason, we do not offer interchangeable seating.