Adapt Solutions® LINK Seat

The LINK’s innovative design is sleek, safe, and reliable. With an intuitive turning and lowering seat base, the LINK gives you your vehicle, your way. It installs without any structural modification, offering amazing legroom and comfort

The LINK uses the original seat to maintain the comfort, feel, and style of your interior. It also features customizable transfer paths and seating positions. And for users needing assistance with standing, the seat can be programmed to tilt once outside the vehicle. 



Adapt Solutions LINK Seat Features

Customized To Your Needs

In a standard installation, the LINK is programmed to bring you out of your vehicle and lower to an ideal height for a level transfer

Lift Up Feature

This option alters the movements of the LINK to slowly and gently lift the seat to assist you in standing.

Legroom & Comfort

The LINK's customizable transfer path maximizes clearance for stress-free transfers in and out of the vehicle.




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