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RA200™ Wheelchair Ramp

  • for low floor buses
  • fit rear/mid engine bus applications
  • flexible design installs/removes easily
  • adjust to various mounting/floor heights
  • optional obstruction sensing, detects if someone is occupying platform or is in its way when stowing and deploying
  • optional folding side protection system meets regulations while minimixing cassette height - add "SP" to model number - ER1300SP
  • platform movement driven by reliable twin 24V Bosch motors with approximately 12 second deploy/stow time
  • Bosch acoustic alarm sounds alert during ramp operation
  • Emergency release provides means for manually stowing platform
  • all metric fasteners ensure easy maintenance in European communities
  • real time obstruction sensing of motor currents, park signal interlock feature, optional one touch operation, and various programmable features per customer preference