Guidosimplex Hand Controls

Guidosimplex was founded in 1959 and its products are now used in over 35 countries around the world. They are recognized worldwide as a leader in innovation and design. In 2017, MPS and Guidosimplex partnered to provide Mobility Dealers with high-quality innovative driving aids paired with superior service and support.

Guidosimplex over ring hand controls installed in Porche


Welcome to both-hands-on-the-wheel acceleration! The revolutionary quick-release Over-Ring Accelerator is a Guidosimplex exclusive. Press on any point of the ring to accelerate. This Over-Ring can be fitted to most vehicles and can be quickly removed making it easier to transfer a wheelchair in or out of the vehicle. All Guidosimplex electronic accelerators include a safety feature where firm braking overrides acceleration.

Guidosimplex ghost accelerator ring hand controls installed in car


The result of rigorous testing – and 60 years of experience! The Ghost accelerator ring is positioned directly behind your steering wheel. The unique design of the “Ghost” makes this accelerator ring almost invisible. Keep both hands on the wheel while you accelerate. Acceleration is achieved by pressing down with your fingertips and rotating the ring in either direction. Easy fingertip control of the acceleration makes long periods of driving more comfortable and effortless.

Guidosimplex floor mounted hand controls


F1EVO Push/Pull Floor Mounted Mechanical Accelerator and Brake was designed to blend seamlessly with the interior of the vehicle. The internal mechanism is encased and wrapped in stylish black Italian leather. Push forward toward the dash to engage the brakes and pull back toward the driver to accelerate. This design makes it impossible to accidentally accelerate and brake at the same time.

Guidosimplex concept lever hand controls installed


Concept Lever GT2 is a floor mounted Electronic Accelerator & Mechanical Brake. It includes an Electronic Trigger Accelerator to allow for easy and intuitive acceleration. Push forward toward the dash to engage the brakes and pull the trigger with your middle or ring finger to accelerate. The handle is wrapped in stylish black Italian leather and includes a temporary brake lock latch. The lever also includes two optional buttons to activate the horn and/or lights.

Guidosimplex brake hand control installed


Guidosimplex Brake Levers are available in several styles depending on your preferred driving style and your vehicle configuration. All of the brake levers include a temporary brake lock latch and one or two optional buttons to activate the horn and/or lights. The 907FV is a column mounted right hand lever and is the most ergonomic design in the series. It is finished in grey soft but durable rubber with a leather like texture. The 907P is a floor mounted right hand lever that is powder coated in a dark grey color with the palm pad wrapped in black Italian leather. The 907SX is a column mounted left hand lever that is powder coated black with red latch and buttons.

Guidosimplex sticksteer hand control installed


Sticksteer Steering Knob with Secondary Controls is a compact wireless removable steering device with keypad that provides fingertip control of up to 11 vehicle functions. Functions include: headlights, high beams, parking lights, turn signals, hazard lights, horn, front windshield wiper, wiper speed, front sprayer, rear wiper and rear sprayer. The keypad includes a back light that can be illuminated for night driving and can be set to a number of different color and brightness options.

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