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Automotive Hand Controls

Hand controls for driving are a great mobility solution for those who want to be independent but have limited use of their limbs. Accelerating and braking are distinctive and easy to use and all other functions, like operating window washers and turn signals, are maximized while driving. These advanced design controls for handicap driving offer comfortable and ergonomic driving aid that conform to a person’s natural hand-arm-wrist movement.

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The wide variety of mechanical and electronic driving aids offered by MPS and Guidosimplex provide countless possibilities for disabled drivers to get back on the road with safety and style. MPS has designed and manufactured numerous hand controls for driving, including right angle, push/pull & push/rock hand controls, left foot accelerators, steering devices, parking brake extensions, and gas & brake guards.

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The Sure-Grip hand controls for driving was constructed to serve people with perhaps the highest level of disability. The controls operate with very little hand strength and, unlike any other hand control on today’s market, the unique vertical handle allows the operator virtual two handed contact with the steering wheel.

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The Mobility Innovations (formerly Veigel) hand controls are unmatched in design and execution. This unique combination of function and design result in a reliable mobility solution that is easy to use and integrates perfectly with your cars interior. Their mission is to continue to develop and discover new possibilities through innovative design and exceptional service.

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It’s “Freedom to Drive” the way you want to drive – with both hands on the wheel, natural “push” movement to brake, up to 11 secondary controls at your fingertips – even a clutch for a manual shift vehicle! And every Guidosimplex hand control is beautifully styled to complement your vehicle’s interior.

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