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United Access Launches New Tagline “Go Forward. Together.”

Since 1997, United Access has been committed to improving the lives of people with mobility disabilities along with their families and caregivers. As a trusted guide and partner in the journey towards increased independence, United Access introduces its new tagline: "Go Forward. Together."

The Essence of "Go Forward. Together."

“Go forward” speaks of moving towards a better future. “Together” represents United Access’ role as a partner, advocate, and problem-solving guide for customers. Our support doesn’t end when the customer drives away – we’re there with customers from purchase through ownership and service for life. 

The tagline captures the company’s vision of Making Life a Moving Experience for All, while emphasizing how United Access and its customers are united in a mutual goal of increased mobility and quality of life. 

A Tagline Born from Customer Voices

The selection of the new tagline "Go Forward. Together." was a direct result of our customers’ voices. United Access ran a survey among customers with more than 300 respondents evaluating three tagline concepts. The feedback received on the chosen tagline was overwhelmingly favorable, with customers expressing their thoughts on how it suggests a sense of progress and togetherness.

"In ‘Go Forward. Together.’ we found a tagline that encapsulates the spirit of partnership and service we strive to maintain with our customers,” said United Access President Chad Blake. “It reflects our commitment to improving customers’ lives."

They are a tremendous force, and they take your hand and guide you every step of the way.
'Go forward. Together.’ feels like a path forward, looking to new adventures/possibilities.
To me, it means that you are willing to help me understand what my needs are and can help me make proper choices.
It instills moving forward, regardless of your disability, with the partnership of United Access.

A Guide Through Life's Transitions

Life is a series of transitions, and purchasing an accessible vehicle is a significant one for individuals with mobility challenges. United Access is not just a dealer; it's a guide through life's transitions. The tagline "Go Forward. Together." is a promise that United Access is there for its customers from the initial purchase through every stage of ownership and service.

As one customer highlighted, "They are a tremendous force, and they take your hand and guide you every step of the way." United Access understands the anxieties that come with wheelchair accessible vehicle shopping and ownership. Our teams of mobility specialists and service technicians are ready to solve every problem, ensuring a seamless experience.

Empowering Independence

The tagline also resonated with customers who see it as reflecting a positive action, inspiring them to take the path forward. It reflects United Access' commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities to live life on their terms. 

"It's positive, inclusive, and can apply to people who are happy to be getting a vehicle and to those for whom it represents a loss of their freedom, as some people can’t “go anywhere” anymore," says one survey participant. United Access recognizes the diverse range of emotions that come with purchasing an accessible vehicle and strives to be the steady support that customers can depend on. Our teams aim to help customers secure the lifestyles they deserve today.

Guidance and Peace of Mind

The survey participants highlighted how the tagline reflects the peace of mind they feel with United Access, knowing that there is a dependable guide by their side who will provide custom recommendations based on each unique situation.

As one customer expressed, "To me, it means that you are willing to help me understand what my needs are and can help me make proper choices." It's not just about selling vehicles; it's about providing solutions tailored to each customer's unique needs. 

Partnering for a More Accessible Future

The element of togetherness in the tagline goes beyond the partnership between individuals and United Access. United Access President Chad Blake states, "We envision a better, more accessible future for our community. We’ve made a commitment to work toward going beyond ADA requirements in all our facilities to demonstrate our unwavering dedication to equal experiences for all individuals.”

Read more about the United Access Commitment to Gold Standard Accessibility.

The Journey Begins: Moving Forward with United Access

As United Access embarks on this new chapter with its tagline, the journey is about co-creating a future of independence and peace of mind. "Go Forward. Together." is a call to action, an invitation to move forward, hand in hand with a partner who understands and cares.