United Access Commits to Gold Standard Accessibility Initiative with Help of Ryan Hudson-Peralta and We Hear You Inc.

November 14, 2023, St. Louis MO — United Access, a leading wheelchair accessibility vehicle and mobility equipment dealer, is proud to announce its commitment to Gold Standard Accessibility.

United Access embodies the gold standard of accessibility through an unwavering commitment to equal experiences for all individuals. Our focus on accessibility permeates every aspect of our operations, from our customers' experiences to our partnerships and hiring processes. We prioritize accessibility at the core of everything we do.

In its pursuit of a Gold Standard of Accessibility that goes beyond ADA requirements, United Access is taking concrete steps to demonstrate this commitment. United Access is thrilled to announce two significant collaborations aimed at bringing this vision to life.

United Access has joined forces with accessibility consultant, speaker, and advocate Ryan Hudson-Peralta. With over 30 years of experience advocating for accessibility and inclusion, Hudson-Peralta is the founder of Look Mom No Hands and Equal Accessibility LLC. His invaluable expertise will guide United Access on its journey towards accessibility excellence throughout the online and in-store customer experience.

In addition, United Access has teamed up with We Hear You Inc.®, a pioneering startup in accessibility technology that aims to create more equitable lives for people with physical exceptionalities. Founded by Pierre Paul, We Hear You was a 2021 NPR How I Built This Fellow and named 2022 Innovation of the Year from the Illinois Innovation Network. The startup was recently unveiled as a grant recipient of the 2023 Arch Grants Startup Competition. United Access will support the testing of We Hear You’s innovative Push™ Device, App, and Hero Hinge technologies. Designed to improve ADA door access, these products will provide more ease of mobility for individuals with disabilities.

"Our dedication to the Gold Standard of Accessibility is an essential part of our mission to make life a moving experience for all,” said John Beering, President at United Access. "As we embark on our journey, we are fully aware that we have a lot of work to do. This commitment is just the beginning of our efforts to create more inclusive and accessible operations, processes, and facilities. With the help of our collaborators’ unique expertise and technology, we are taking the first steps to make our vision a reality.”