Orthotic Driving Controls for Cars & Wheelchair Vans

Orthotic Devices are designed to allow driver extremities to interface with the Primary Control Inputs of AEVIT® Driving Control Systems.

Tri-Pin type orthotics are designed primarily for “gross motor” drivers with little or no hand function.

Joystick orthotics are designed for drivers with hand function. For drivers without hand function, see your dealer/driver trainer for custom splint options.

Not sure which orthotic driving controls are right for you? Take our needs assessment quiz and one of our specialists will reach out to ensure you get the right product for your situation. 

L-Series Orthotic Driving Controls

The L-Series gas & brake controls utilize a lever input device to offer a smooth, adjustable ride with minimal input force and manual movement needed for full gas to fully brake. The exposed lever height fits perfectly into most vehicles, making it easy and comfortable to operate. The device's two internal dampeners provide a return-to-center mechanism and give users a feel of control and precision. 

Hand Splint

Controller Pin Switch


Tri-Pin with Switches

Thumb Switch for Tri-Pin

W-Series Orthotic Driving Controls

The W-Series steering controls provide an unparalleled driving experience with a smooth feel and adjustable wheel tension, as well as a reliable worm gear drive and durable ball bearings. The series features 3 independent and redundant electronic devices that ensure maximum safety and reliability, The unique clutching device allows for a custom fit. The software allows for a turn ratio to be programmed to the OEM steering wheel for the ultimate in-driver convenience. 

Hand Splint

Swivel Pin


1" Spinner Knob

2" Spinner Knob

J-Series Orthotic Driving Controls

AEVIT 2.0® Secondary Control Options enable you to tailor the controls to your wants, needs and to your budget. Of course, if your wants, needs, or budgets change in the future, adding more functions and features to your AEVIT 2.0® system is as easy as inserting a new compact flash card. If you have access to a cellular device or satellite network with data capabilities, EMC Service can connect to your AEVIT 2.0® via the internet to perform these updates!

Joystick Pin Switch

Pin (Included with all Joysticks)

Round Knob (Included with all Joysticks)

Oval Knob (Included with all Joysticks)

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