Driving Aid Accessories for Cars & Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair lifts and ramps are not the only accessibility solutions available for your vehicle. With additional driving aid accessories, such as pedal extenders, electronic brakes, and adapted shifters, your vehicle can be customized to your needs so you can get on the road.

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Sure Grip

The controls of today’s vehicles have options which can be difficult for some drivers to reach or engage. Sure Grip Accessories bring everything within reach.

The adapted shifter knob is a direct replacement for the original factory knob which allows the gear selector to be moved using only the palm of your hand rather than the use of your thumb to depress a button to move the gear selector.

Sure Grip Park Brake Extension

This easy-to-install brake extension brings the manual park brake closer to driver, for more convenient access.

This crossover is an easy to use device that allows operation of the signal function from the right hand side of the steering column. It is installed easily and only takes only a few minutes.

This control was designed to allow for control of braking and acceleration functions from the passenger side of the vehicle. The control was originally intended to give trainers additional control of the vehicle during training sessions. Some therapists are now having Dual Brake & Gas installed in the client’s vehicle and conducting training in the clients own vehicle.

Pedal Extenders

These quick to install pedal extenders are used to bring the gas and brake pedals closer to the driver.


The pedal extenders are adjustable 2-4 inches.

Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC)

The Secondary Driving Controls manufactured by EMC are designed to operate vehicle functions other than Gas, Brake & Steering. EMC offers a variety of options for many different vehicle applications.

Smart-Shift® sets the industry standard for “Electronic Shift” applications, and can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. No more missed gears or waiting in traffic for other actuator systems to slowly move. Smart-Shift® travels from Park to Drive in 1.3 seconds! Simply press the desired key one time and the actuator moves to the desired gear automatically.

The EMC Electronic Park Brake is an excellent and dependable replacement for the OEM mechanical Park Brake. The Park Brake utilizes a combination of components which can output a force of more than 640 lbs. and is capable of fully applying the park brake in less than 3-seconds. The water resistant cast housing is designed to keep the internal components protected from the elements and abuse.

This “new” technology from EMC replaces the older Digivoice® “voice activation” systems from EMC. VIC® stands for Voice Interactive Controls and is used for “voice activation” of Secondary controls, and is also used to communicate “verbal instructions” to the driver on the status of AEVIT 2.0® primary driving controls. VIC® incorporates a programmable “flash card” reader enabling speech commands and instructions to be “custom tailored” if needed.

The EMC line of Two-Button Touchpads is the economic solution for persons requiring simplified access to a minimal number of vehicle functions. These touchpads are constructed of lightweight and durable ABS plastic and can be mounted just about anywhere, including directly to a hand control device. Each touchpad incorporates two, low-effort switches spaced 2.3 inches apart for easy access. With the addition of raised buttons, the touchpad becomes extremely tactile so that access for persons choosing elbow operation is simple.

Manufacturing & Production Services (MPS)

The controls of today’s vehicles have options which can be difficult for some drivers to reach or engage. MPS Accessory products bring everything within reach.

This button style gear selector lever is designed to shift in one easy motion proving better leverage

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