BraunAbility® - Toyota Manual Rear-Entry

The Toyota Manual Rear-Entry combines the power and comfort of the Sienna with the space and affordability of a rear-entry. Its 32” wide ramp accommodates larger wheelchairs, and the lowered-floor interior has space for up to two wheelchair passengers. With 25” of space in the middle seating position, the Toyota Manual Rear-Entry offers the option for wheelchair passengers to ride in the second rows.


Easy Access

A rear-entry vehicle’s low-angle ramp makes it easy to access the interior through the rear hatch. The unique design of this mobility upgrade makes it possible to use standard parking spaces when accessible parking is unavailable.

Manual Ramp & Door

With a manual door and manual bi-fold ramp, a BraunAbility manual rear-entry wheelchair van is the perfect choice for those who travel with an attendant.

Seating Flexibility

A variety of seating options can be installed to best meet your needs, based on the number of passengers you need to accommodate. Seats can be folded or replaced to better fit additional wheelchair passengers.

Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Each wheelchair van includes a standard floor-track and belt system that secures the wheelchair for transit. An optional retractable belt system is a versatile and convenient option. Independent users can even elect to have an automatic tie-down installed.

Lowered Floor Length A 87”
Lowered Floor Length (Behind 2nd Row Seats) B 56”
Lowered Floor Width C 32.5”
Ramp Width (Usable Clear Opening) D 32”
Ramp Length (Manual) E 56”
Distance Between 2nd Row OEM Bucket Seats (Manual Ramp Only) F 13.5”
Distance Between 2nd Row Aftermarket Bucket Seats F 25”
2nd Row Wheelchair Location Interior Height* G 57"
Entrance Height H 54”
Overall Height (Hatch Closed - with Roof Rails) I 73”
Overall Height (Hatch Closed - without Roof Rails) I 70”
Ramp Angle** J 9.5°


Wheelchair SUV Dimensions


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