VMI Honda Northstar® Power In-Floor Ramp

VMI pioneered the Northstar in-floor ramp system in 1993 to satisfy wheelchair user needs for additional interior space and a safe, clean, obstruction-free vehicle interior. After two decades of refinement, the Northstar remains the most technologically advanced ramp system on the market. The Northstar ramp simply slides out from within the vehicle floor, rather than taking up valuable space inside the vehicle. The significant advantages of the Northstar in-floor ramp system over traditional fold-out ramps make it VMI’s best-selling conversion.


Infloor Ramp

Stowed ramp is protected within the vehicle floor with no squeaking or rattling. In-floor ramp keeps dirt and debris from entering the vehicle cabin.

One-Touch Controls

With a single button control the ramp and door. An indicator light provides service reminders and warnings.

Removable Seating

Removable front seats are equipped with rolling casters, making them easy to remove and lock back into place. The front row floor is free of obstacles to accommodate wheelchairs in the driver and front passenger positions.


This suspension system uses hydraulics to lower the van for easy entry. This feature can be turned on and off for curbside parking.

Door Opening Usable Width A 30.5"
Door Opening Usable Height (sliding passenger) B 55.25"
Interior Height at Center of Vehicle C 59"
Ramp Length D 58.3"
Ramp Width (Usable Clear Opening) E 30"
Ramp Angle* F 8.65"
Interior Floor Length (Behind Front Seats from B Pillar) G 59"
Interior Floor Length Overall H 92"
Floor Width at mid-row I 66"
Ground Clearance (Loaded) @ = GVWR lbs. 1) Structure 2) Exhaust K 5.25"
Overall Vehicle Height L 75.1"
Wheelchair SUV Dimensions


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