Home Wheelchair Ramp 

For people with limited mobility, even a few steps or a high threshold can pose a serious risk. Suddenly your home – the place where you’ve always felt safe – is now filled with obstacles. With the addition of an accessibility ramp, your home can be a safe place once again. 

We offer the most complete line of access products, including portable, threshold, and modular ramps in select United Access stores. Our high-quality mobility ramps are suitable for home, vehicle, or travel and offer temporary or long-term solutions to accommodate a wide variety of needs. 

Find the Right Wheelchair Ramp Solution for Your Needs

Remove the obstacles of steps and transition pieces and navigate safely and with ease with the use of a portable wheelchair ramp. With a slip-resistant surface and the ability to break the ramp down into smaller sections with handles, this option is attractive for its portability and lightweight.

Reduce risk of tripping and make it easier for mobility device users to move through doorways with the use of a threshold wheelchair ramp. With adjustable legs with swivel feet, this option is attractive for its flexibility to accommodate your space.

Overcome any access challenges in your home with a modular wheelchair ramp. With infinite ramp and platform configurations, this option is attractive for its durability and ability to adapt to fit your mobility needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Wheelchair Ramps

Why do some wheelchair ramps have a black surface, but not others?

Some customers prefer the black applied surface. Both surfaces are durable and slip resistant.

How do you keep a portable ramp from moving?

There are pre-drilled holes for anchoring in the bottom transition plate and hardware is provided for drilling into a wood surface.