Wheelchair Vans for Senior and Independent Living Communities

United Access has been in the business of providing wheelchair vans for Senior Care Facilities and Independent Living Centers for more than 25 years. Wheelchair accessible vehicle options have grown considerably with new options to consider every day. No longer are you limited to a large bus with few options or a cargo van with a wheelchair lift that can make life difficult for both your residence and staff alike. 

Wheelchair and handicap vans can serve many purposes for your senior and independent living community. The selection of wheelchair accessible vehicles we have at United Access are ideal for:

  • Short trips
  • Family visits
  • Daily activities
  • Group outings
  • Transportation to-and-from appointments
  • And more

Millions of people all over America who experience disabilities have established lives of independence. At United Access, we’d like to help you strengthen that experience to keep residents independent as long as possible.

You have options when it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles

  • Lowered floor minivans with either side or rear-entry manual or power ramps (when you are transporting less than eight individuals and a smaller vehicle is preferred).
  • Full-size vans with a raised roof and raised doors that can accommodate several passengers as well as occupied wheelchair passengers.
  • Full-size Paratransit raised roof vans to accommodate non-emergent passengers
  • Mid-size vans which are economical to operate with ample interior heights and a multitude of lengths with side or rear-entry. These can include ADA compliant occupied wheelchair lifts to transport several seated passengers, occupied wheelchair passengers, or both. These midsize vans have nearly any fixed or movable seating configuration or floor plan you may need.
  • Midsize vans that incorporate a rear mounted manual ADA compliant ramp to allow for a multitude of fixed and movable seating and occupied wheelchair passenger options.

Let us help you customize a wheelchair van for your independent living center today. Our Commercial Team is experienced with the unique and special needs of Independent Living Centers. Call us today at (877) 310-7621 and let United Access customize the right solution for you. 

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