Bruno® Curved Home Stair Lift

Enjoy Bruno’s signature wheelchair lift for your home.  Experience the smooth, quiet ride of Bruno’s Elite Curve. Quality and comfort are second to none with Bruno’s signature stairlift. Consider adding power options to further customize your Elite curved lift to best meet your needs and lifestyle.

Add a park position to extend the seat away from the staircase for increased safety or to stow the unit out of sight. A mid-park charging position option is ideal for middle landings.

Features of the Bruno Curved Home Stair Lift:

  • Padded, generous-sized, adjustable chair for optimal comfort.
  • Custom-made vertical rail delivers precision fit to maximize open space and provide a sturdy base for an ultra-smooth ride
  • Covered gear rack gives a clean appearance
  • Armrest control moves stairlift up and down
  • Two wireless remote controls also included
  • Arms, seat, and footrest can fold when not in use to save extra space
  • Seat swivels up to 90°at top of stairs for safe exit
  • Obstruction sensors and a retractable seatbelt further ensure safety
  • Continuously-charging batteries power stairlift even in a power outage

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