Are you a wheelchair user in need of a mobility vehicle to run errands? Or maybe you want to try one out before buying a new wheelchair van? Handicap-accessible van rentals are available at your local Ability Center dealer! We break down the benefits of wheelchair van rentals — along with things to consider — to help you find the right vehicle.

Benefits of Wheelchair Van Rentals
Whether you are traveling out of town for vacation or need temporary transportation, your local Ability Center dealer has a fleet of rental handicap-accessible vans to meet your needs. If you are thinking about renting a wheelchair van, there are several benefits you should consider:

  • They can be delivered — even to airports. Rental services understand that you need a vehicle to get where you need to go. Companies will often rent a van to fit your needs and even bring your rental to the airport to pick you up! *Not all locations have airport delivery/pickup.
  • Rentals come in different sizes. Transportation of multiple people or bigger chairs may require different vehicles. In some of our locations you have an option to rent a side-entry or rear-entry wheelchair vehicles.
  • You can try before you buy. A wheelchair van is a significant investment. The best way to know if a vehicle is the right fit for you is to schedule a short-term rental at your local Ability Center dealer. There is no better way to experience how a van will perform in your day-to-day life.
  • Vans are available for any occasion. Ability Center – in locations like Orlando and Sarasota — offers handicap-accessible van rentals for daily, weekly, or monthly time periods. We have a wide range of rental options and availability based on demand. Contact the Ability Center nearest you to reserve your accessible vehicle.

These aren’t the only benefits, though. When you rent a vehicle from Ability Center, we will give you a quick training on how the wheelchair ramp operates, demonstrate the tie-downs, and provide any additional tips to help you get where you are going safely and efficiently.

Types of Wheelchair Vans Available To Rent
The most common rental wheelchair van is a minivan with a lowered floor extension that includes a manual or automatic wheelchair ramp.

When selecting the right wheelchair van rental, there are several factors to consider:

  • Dimensions. You will want to ensure that your vehicle rental will accommodate you and your wheelchair comfortably. Ask about van dimensions, such as door height and width, to find the right vehicle that fits your needs.
  • Seating capacity. Most accessible minivans are only equipped to carry five to six passengers. If you are traveling with more people, ask your Mobility Specialist about a full-sized van with a wheelchair lift. This will allow for more seating options inside the vehicle.
  • Vehicle mileage. Some rental agreements may have varying mileage limits. Calculate how far you will be driving per day to avoid any overage fees. You’ll also want to ask about this at the time you reserve your rental.

Additionally, you should also check that you have full coverage insurance. Most dealers require proof of full coverage insurance to rent a handicap-accessible van.

If you are looking to rent a handicap-accessible van, reach out to your local Ability Center dealer! Our Mobility Specialists are available at all 15 locations across the country and are ready to help you find the right wheelchair van for your lifestyle.