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Adaptive Devices for Driving Your Accessible Vehicle

Adaptive Devices for Driving

United Access offers a variety of adaptive devices for driving that can be added to your vehicle. Driving aids and wheelchair vehicle seating can be adaptive devices for driving, which can improve safety, independence, and comfort for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.   

Wheelchair vehicle seating is designed to help individuals transfer from their wheelchair to the vehicle seat with ease. It can be adjusted to the individual's height, width, and depth to ensure a comfortable, secure fit. Additionally, it may feature tilt and recline capabilities for added comfort and positioning.   

What is an Adaptive Device for a Person with a Disability? 

Driving aids can be used to help individuals with disabilities drive independently and safely. These aids usually include hand controls, which allow the driver to adjust the direction, speed, and braking of the vehicle. Some aids also include power steering, power brakes, and adjustable pedals. These aids allow the driver to control the vehicle without relying on their physical strength.  

Benefits of Using Adaptive Devices for Driving 

The benefits of using adaptive devices for driving are numerous. Adaptive equipment can provide greater independence, as it helps individuals with disabilities modify the vehicle to fit their needs. It can also help to improve safety, as the equipment can be adjusted to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Adaptive equipment for driving your accessible vehicle can provide individuals with disabilities with greater access to transportation and the freedom to travel.  

What is considered an adaptive device? United Access provides a variety of adaptive steering aids, controls, equipment, and wheelchair van adaptive equipment for sale. To ensure you get the right aids for safe driving, we offer evaluations by Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists who can evaluate your physical and cognitive capability for driving a motor vehicle. These evaluations are available for those 16 years of age or older who have a valid driver’s license or temporary permit, and are one year seizure free or have a medical physician release.

To ensure your safety and that of other drivers, United Access has cultivated relationships with Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists in all our markets to provide you with the evaluations you need. We also offer a wide range of driving aids and hand controls from leading manufacturers such as Sure Grip and Mobility Innovations. Our Mobility Technicians are trained and certified to install and service driving aids. With United Access, you can be sure to get the right driving aids for safe driving.

Driving Aid Adaptive Devices

United Access provides a variety of hand controls for accessible vehicles that allow drivers to operate their vehicles with their hands instead of their feet. We have options available for both left- and right-handed customers, and our selection of handicap automotive equipment, driving controls, and wheelchair van accessories are manufactured by the most reliable brands in the industry.

Foot controls from United Access can help make driving easier for those who have difficulty reaching the gas and brake pedals. Our selection of foot controls can extend the pedals, allowing you to access them more easily. Additionally, foot controls can provide an extra layer of security if you are using hand controls to drive, as they can prevent accidental activation of the gas or brake pedals.

Wheelchair Vehicle Seating 

Are you seeking dependable, secure transportation solutions? At United Access, we assist individuals with restricted mobility in entering and exiting their vehicles by providing transfer seat solutions from reliable mobility manufacturers. Our options can accommodate multiple vehicles, budgets, and requirements.

United Access offers turning swivel seat solutions that provide safe and secure entrance and exit into your vehicle. The seat swivels outside of the vehicle, allowing the passenger to be seated without having to climb into the cabin. Turning swivel seats are a beneficial option for people with limited mobility, or for wheelchair users in need of an easier transfer in and out of a vehicle. Additionally, United Access offers various seat options at varying price points that can be installed on multiple vehicle brands and models.

Transfer boards are an economical and convenient solution for wheelchair users to easily get in and out of low vehicles. Our transfer boards fold up and out of the way when not in use, allowing for a comfortable ride in the vehicle's factory original automotive seat. Our transfer board system simplifies the process of transferring from the wheelchair to the vehicle and back.  All factory seat functions are preserved, ensuring a comfortable ride.

What is adaptive equipment for disabilities?

An adaptive device is any type of equipment that helps a person with a disability or impairment with their everyday activities like eating, typing, walking, reading, or driving.

What is assistive driving?

Assistive driving is an overarching phrase that encompasses various innovative driving devices that provide extra support and help to disabled drivers when driving.

What adaptive devices and modifications are available to facilitate safe driving?

Adaptive devices include ramps and lifts, driving controls, and hand controls. The ramps and lifts serve to transport wheelchairs into and out of a vehicle and come in a variety of ramp styles and designs. Driving and hand controls provide user-friendly technology to support a variety of user needs and preferences. These controls range from joystick-operated controls, standard hand controls, and advanced electronic hand controls.

Can you drive if your legs are paralyzed?

Yes, many individuals with paraplegia can learn to drive with the appropriate adaptive devices and instruction.

United Access provides a wide variety of adaptive devices for driving that can be beneficial for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. These driving aids and transfer seating can improve safety, independence, and comfort for those with disabilities or limited mobility. With the help of United Access, individuals can enjoy the freedom and independence of driving their own vehicle. Contact your local United Access store to learn more.

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