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Financing Tips for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

United Access says yes, you can afford the handicap vehicle that you’ve always wanted.  Sure, we’re not denying the fact that these handicap vehicles can be expensive.  Handicap vehicles are costly because they require specialized modifications that add to the cost. Adaptations such as lowered floors, powered ramps, hand controls, and space for wheelchair tie downs are all expensive and require special skills to install. Additionally, handicap vans are usually heavier than regular minivans, adding to the cost of the vehicle.

Cost of Handicap Vehicle

The cost of a handicap vehicle can vary greatly depending on what type of vehicle it is, what features it includes, and if it is new or used. A basic, used handicap van can range in price from $16,000 - $20,000, while a new handicap van with added features can start as high as $50,000. We understand the investment is big, but we believe everyone deserves access to navigating the world and we are here to help explain options to consider when purchasing a handicap vehicle. Renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a more affordable option or a great way to try before you make a large investment.

Handicap Vehicle Financing 

Have you ever thought of financing a new or used handicap vehicle?  Our customers will benefit from great rates, shorter terms, and convenient service, and that's why we've chosen to join forces with BraunAbility Finance, the industry's first dedicated financing provider. We want our customers to have the best possible service, and BraunAbility Finance promises just that. With United Access, you can expect the handicap vehicle financing process to be quick and easy. Financing options are clearly defined, and you can expect same-day approval of your application, typically in less than an hour. United Access will help you complete and submit all necessary paperwork and provide DMV licensing on the selected vehicle.

Handicap Vehicle Safety

With the rising costs of purchasing a new vehicle, many drivers have turned to used handicap vehicles for their disability transportation needs. Not only do used handicap vehicles provide the same reliable mobility as a brand-new model, but they also offer several other benefits that give drivers the convenience and comfort they deserve.

Unlike buying a new car, used handicap vehicles give drivers much more flexibility in price. Most used handicap vehicles are available at significantly discounted prices, allowing drivers to purchase a reliable and accessible vehicle without having to break the bank. In addition, many used handicap vehicles can be financed, which often comes with a much lower interest rate than what comes with a new car loan. This makes it even more affordable for disabled drivers to get the transportation they need.  

Handicap Vehicles Reduce Carbon Footprint

Finally, used handicap vehicles are a great way for disabled drivers to reduce their impact on the environment. By purchasing a pre-owned handicap vehicle, drivers can reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying all of the advantages of disability transportation.

For anyone in need of reliable transportation without the high cost, used handicap vehicles are the perfect option. With their discounted prices, financing options, extensive safety checks, and environmental-friendly benefits, used handicap vehicles are some of the best disability vehicles available today. 

Handicap Vehicles Grants & Funding 

Did you know that your local government and other organizations may be able to help fund your purchase or financing contract?  If you’re in doubt just ask us for assistance.  We have experience with handicap vehicle grants and funding options and can help you learn about the programs that may benefit you.

What Are Handicap Cars Called?

Handicap cars are generally referred to as wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs). They are vehicles that have been modified to allow those with mobility challenges to operate a motor vehicle safely and with ease.

What Is An Accessible Vehicle?

An accessible vehicle is a vehicle that has been designed or modified to allow people with a disability to use it safely and independently. Such modifications may include wheelchair access or seating options, powered ramps, adapted dashboard and electronic controls, hand controls, and other modifications to ensure an easy and safe way to drive or travel.  

With over 25 years of experience, United Access is committed to helping those find the best handicap vehicle for their specific needs. Contact us today or visit one of our dealership locations to learn more.

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