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United Access Vans for Your Mobility Travel Needs

If you need a wheelchair accessible van, United Access is your destination. With Certified Mobility Consultants to help you make the best purchasing decision for your mobility needs, you’ll be able to acquire a United Access van that meets all of your individual requirements. There are a variety of different makes and models of wheelchair accessible vehicles available for sale, both new and used. To make your life easier, we also offer a conversion service for those who wish to convert an existing vehicle into a wheelchair accessible one. You don't need to worry about the process, as our mobility consultants will discuss each and every option in detail with you in order to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Our team will walk you through the variety of options for our United Access vans. From if you are looking for a side-entry or rear-entry ramp, addition of a wheelchair lift, adaptive equipment, seating solutions and more to fit your mobility needs.

Mobility Ramps and Wheelchair Lifts

United Access can help you find a custom mobility solution to fit your needs. Ramps and wheelchair lifts are ways your vehicle can be customized. Rear-entry ramps are ideal for vans that are driven primarily by caregivers or family members. The ramp is inserted and folded down when the van is parked and then folded back up when you're ready to drive. The main advantage of having a ramp on the rear of the van is that it is easier to operate and maneuver.

Side-entry ramps are advantageous when an individual primarily uses their wheelchair for getting around. These kinds of vans have a side ramp that’s quicker to deploy and a shallower angle which makes it easier to transfer from the wheelchair and into the vehicle. The main advantage of side-entry ramps is that the wheelchair can be used to access the ramp directly from the side and not having to access it from the rear. It also allows for someone to get out of a wheelchair quickly and enter the van without having to maneuver around the placement of the ramp or access the seat from a rear door. Regardless of which kind of ramp you choose the wheelchair accessible van that you buy should be equipped with a power or manual ramp.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can become more accessible with the addition of wheelchair lifts. They allow wheelchair users to travel in a manner that is comfortable, secure, and easy to maneuver. Most wheelchair lifts are power driven and come equipped with adjustments to cater to different wheelchairs and wheelchair seating positions. Internal wheelchair lifts have proven to be quite reliable due to their security and protection from weather damage. External wheelchair lifts are convenient to attach and remove. In addition, wheelchair lifts for vehicles come with a variety of features to make them more convenient to use.

It is important to carefully consider all aspects before deciding. With the many benefits that come with wheelchair lifts and ramps, they are an excellent investment and are sure to help on your journey to independence. 

Custom Mobility Van Solutions

When choosing a United Access van, it's important to consider the individual needs of the wheelchair user. If they are hoping to drive the van themselves, there are options that make it possible with a variety of seating solutions and driving aids. The transfer seat helps the wheelchair user get behind the wheel, while the hand controls make it possible to operate the brake and gas pedals. With the right adaptations, driving can be enjoyable and safe.

Accessible Minivans Not for You?

Wheelchair accessible trucks and SUVs are an alternative to minivans for people with mobility challenges. They offer many of the same features, such as a roomy interior and plenty of cargo space, but in a smaller, sportier package. They generally provide more off-road capability and seating flexibility than minivans, making them perfect for those who need to transport a variety of passengers with different needs. Additionally, an accessible truck or SUV can provide slightly more interior space and improved visibility compared to a minivan, helping drivers feel more confident and secure when on the road.

United Access is here to assist you in making a decision on the perfect wheelchair accessible van to fit your individual needs. With our Certified Mobility Consultants ready to help, and the options for both new and used vans, options to convert existing vehicles, and a wide variety of customizations, you’re certain to find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle.

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