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Finding the Right Handicap Van for You

A new handicap van is one of the best options for transporting those in wheelchairs. Handicap vans can improve independence by providing safe and reliable transportation. While ramps greatly improve transportation the addition of a wheelchair lift, transfer seat or driving aids can provide an added mobility solution.

New Handicap Van Features

Wheelchair lifts are a key benefit of handicap vans, as they provide access to the vehicle for those with mobility challenges. Transfer seating is also available in some models, which allows the user to transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle without any assistance. Dashboard driving aids are also a great feature, offering additional support and convenience for drivers with physical impairments.

With a handicap van, those in wheelchairs can enjoy the same level of convenience and comfort as those without mobility impairments. Additionally, the spacious interior provides ample room for storage and travel companions. Handicap vans are becoming increasingly popular for those who need a reliable and comfortable way to get around. Wheelchair users can travel in style and comfort, knowing that they can easily access and enjoy the vehicle. 

Wheelchair Lifts in New Handicap Vans

Wheelchair lifts are a great option for those with mobility issues who need to transport themselves in a vehicle. By adding a wheelchair lift to a handicap van, individuals with mobility issues can travel with greater ease and convenience. Wheelchair lifts come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing for easy installation and integration into existing van conversion systems.

Wheelchair lifts make it much easier for wheelchair users to enter and exit a vehicle with the least amount of effort. Depending on the type of lift, these systems can be fully automated, allowing for a more user-friendly experience. Some lifts are powered by battery and are equipped with safety features, like an emergency stop button, to ensure the user’s safety.

Wheelchair lifts can also help to reduce the strain of lifting and carrying a wheelchair into and out of a vehicle.  Wheelchair lifts can also help to reduce the risk of injury from mishandling a wheelchair. Having a wheelchair lift installed in a handicap van is also beneficial for those with limited assistance. Instead of needing help getting into and out of a vehicle, wheelchair users can more easily enter and exit the van without assistance. 

Overall, adding a wheelchair lift to a handicap van can provide a great number of benefits for those with mobility issues. Wheelchair lifts can make it easier to enter and exit a vehicle, reduce the strain of lifting and carrying a wheelchair, and provide greater independence for those with limited assistance.

Seating Solutions in New Handicap Vans

Swivel seating and transfer boards are two essential pieces of equipment that can be used in a handicap van to improve the mobility of those with physical disabilities. Swivel seating allows the user to easily rotate the seat in order to enter and exit the van more safely, while transfer boards provide a smooth, secure surface to help the user move from their wheelchair to the van seat. Both of these items can greatly reduce the amount of effort and strain that is placed on the user and their caregiver when entering and exiting the vehicle, making the process much easier and more comfortable.

In addition to providing an easier transition into a handicap van, swivel seating and transfer boards also offer a variety of other benefits. For instance, swivel seating can provide extra support and stability for those who need it, while transfer boards can help reduce the risk of slipping or falling when making the transition. Swivel seating can also be adjusted to provide improved visibility for the driver, allowing them to see more of the road ahead.

Finally, transfer boards can help create a more secure environment in the van, reducing the risk of injury or discomfort to the user.  

Driving Aids in New Handicap Vans

Driving aids such as hand controls can be beneficial for those with disabilities who are looking to own a handicap van. Hand controls are a device that allows a driver to control the vehicle without the use of feet. This is especially beneficial for those with disabilities in their lower limbs, as it allows them to operate the vehicle safely and independently.

The installation of hand controls in a handicap van can be relatively simple and will enable the driver to control the vehicle with ease. Depending on the type of hand control, the driver can be able to control the accelerator, brakes, and steering with their hands. This will alleviate the need for any foot-based controls, making the driving experience much easier and more comfortable. Having hand controls installed in a handicap van can also provide additional safety features. These can include automatic brakes, which engage when the driver takes their hands off the controls. This can help to avoid any dangerous situations, as the vehicle will be able to come to a complete stop without the driver having to press the brakes.

In conclusion, new handicap vans offer a great solution for those in need of wheelchair transportation. With the help of ramps, wheelchair lifts, transfer seats, and driving aids, those in wheelchairs can have greater independence in their travels. With new handicap vans, those in wheelchairs can have the freedom to move around the world with ease and confidence.

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